Now I Know How the Hebrews in Egypt Felt

Well, sort of, anyway!

The kids and I worked under Mark’s direction this weekend,  leveling the frame for the hot tub,  shoveling what seems like tons and tons of gravel into the frame and, well….just a lot of heavy work!  Last night, when I lighted onto the bed,  my legs felt as though they had split open….oh, the ache!  Funny thing is, I didn’t work half as hard as the kids did!

So, this evening when they asked if they could visit their friends for a couple of hours,  how could we say no? No way! When we dropped them off,  Mark and I headed up to Canandaigua to shop for a bit.  As we drove back south to pick them up, the sun did one of its spectacular exits once again. 

tonights sunset.small

I have a couple of posts I want to do, but right now, I am exhausted from my toes to my eyeballs!  I will put them up soon. 

So, after only three days of work I feel like crying like a baby… on earth did the Hebrews endure?