Here, There, and Everywhere!

Yes, it seems like we were everywhere today, although we really weren’t!

The kids had an early afternoon appoinment with the doctor for a routine checkup.  Mark wanted to have them actually see the doctor,  instead of a physician’s assistant, so we were there for about an hour and forty-five minutes. I came out of the office with a hand full of literature informing us about various immunizations.  Gads, how did we live so long without all of these shots, after all?  I told the doctor we will study the sheets and get back to him….

After the doctor visit, the kids wanted to meet up with a couple of their friends to take in the movie GI Joe. We dropped them off with their friends at the theater and I grabbed a bite to eat. (Mark and the kids ate before) Mark and I had a couple of hours to kill, so we went to a Chevy dealer and took a look at the 2010 Chevy Equinox.  Our friend, Pastor Bert, recently purchased one of these cars and Mark was impressed by it.  Sporting a small four cylinder engine, it has six gears and achieves some good gas mileage. 

We visited a dealership and a saleswoman came out to talk with us.  She said the dealership sells this model like hotcakes.  I went on a test drive and was impressed by the vehicle.  Even wih the small engine, the Equinox moved along the highway with no balking or hesitation.  A very nice car!

After the movie ended, we picked the kids up and rushed to the college Michelle will be attending.  She wanted to get some information regarding her books for classes.  We arrived only a few minutes before the store closed, but Michelle got the info she needed.

As the skies began to get that beautiful “Canandaigua glow”,  I figured I should try to get a photo or two for my blog!  The first shot was good except for one thing….I took it through the bug-smeared windshield!

almost cool photo.small

As we left Canandaigua, Mark took a route that rises up some from the city.  This allowed me to get a couple more cool sunset shots….

sunset to the west.small

sunset over the fields.small

These photos were all taken looking to the west.

I then looked to the east and was so happy by what I saw!

moon to the east.small

Mark pulled over onto a side road so I could hop out of the truck  and take some photos without shooting rapidfire through the windows!

moon over the lake.small

mr moon.small

The weather the past three days has been so amazingly beautiful!  The evenings and nights cool off and then the days are full of glorious sunshine!  The temperatures have been comfortable as well.

Last night,  I called Michelle outside so she could hear the awesome sound of tree frogs….it sounded as though they were surrounding us!  They are repeating last night’s performance, and listening to them through the open bedroom window is so cool.

I am working on the sweater little by little.  I have discovered that with all the cables and crossing over of stitches,  I cannot work with people around.  Thus, I am now becoming the introverted knitter!!!