Curiosity and a Day in the Woods

Last evening,  Mark and I decided to take a little cruise down West Lake Road.  After reading accounts about the tornado in Canandaigua,  we were curious to see the damage.  Reports kept saying the damage was mostly confined to the yacht club.

Apparently,  someone was assessing the damage from above.

helicopter assessing damage from above.small

I suppose the aerial perspective would be much more revealing than our attempt to see everything from the road.

damaged area.small

We were surprised to see that houses right next to the yacht club were left unscathed by the violent wind.  The damage really did look as though it was confined to just a small area! Mark commented that the above building is now “twisted”.  We also noticed that the trees look as though they are “leaning”.

canandaigua yacht club.small

Hard to believe all those boats are still sitting there in the water! 

Mark and Ben wet to Lowe’s and Michelle and I looked around TJ Maxx.  I like this photo of last night’s moon….

last night's moon.small

Last night, the kids heard that one of their friends was involved in a bad car accident.  One of his arms is badly damaged and he had emergency surgery today to repair broken bones in his neck.   I hate hearing things like this!

Today, Mark, the kids and I all wandered into the woods.  I cut some firewood and Ben worked with Mark, making the most awesome trails that the ATV’s can ride on.  As Ben wedged an enormous rock out of the pathway, this salamander  crawled out from under it….


I feel so exhausted and I really did little work compared to the kids.  The pathways Ben created are like little highways running through the woods. 

Tomorrow is another busy day with us taking the kids to Rochester for doctor appointments.  I so look forward to a time when we can sit still for a few minutes!!