A Wee Jaunt on Main Street

Yesterday afternoon,  I walked for just a few minutes along Main Street in Canandaigua.   Main Street wanders northward from Canandaigua Lake at its southern end, slowly rising upward as one progresses to the north.  The “city” proper,  lines Main Street with many businesses…very unusual these days,  as it seems malls have more or less squelched Main Street, USA.

As one continues past the business district,  still heading due north,  the city still rises and towards the “plateau”, one is in the “company” of several churches.  There are churches of several “flavors” and they are neatly “packaged” within a few hundred yards of one another!

One of the interesting features I wanted to photograph was the lovely “feather” weathervane at the First Congregational Church.   Mark dropped me off a block north of where the churches are situated, and I had to walk sothward past the Methodist Episcopal Church.  As I walked by, I decided to photograph the pretty bell tower.

gargoyles in canandaigua.small

After I take a photo,  I always review it,  zooming in on the details to make sure the photo is as I wanted it.  As I zoomed in on the tower,  I was surprised to discover that there was a gargoyle located on each of the corners! I never would have even seen them had I not photographed the tower….In studying the photo,  I was rather puzzled….the gargoyle on the left has the name “Cribb” etched to its right,  while the gargoyle on the right has the name “Cook” etched in the stone to its left.  Since I was trying to keep from getting wet,  I was taking my photos at a brisk pace. Now I wonder if the other gargoyles are “named” as well, and what the names are.  Another “assignment” for yet another day!

I trekked onward to the Congregational Church. The following three photos are of the weathervane and bell tower….

weathervane first congregational church 1.small

weathervane and bell tower first congregational church 2.small

weathervane and bell tower first congregational church 3.small

While features such as those shown are striking against a crystal blue sky,  the dark gray skies really didn’t detract from the photos and maybe even loaned a small interest of their own!

I Was Thinking….

that my lovely little Scottie weathervane looked more like a whirly-gig yesterday and today than a weathervane!  That poor little Scottie on top must have felt so dizzy spinning about like a dreidel!

So, after a little bit of time without any rain this afternoon,  I decided to go wander around Canandaigua.  The foreboding skies would make the perfect background for my capture!

pelican weathervane.small

Yes!  I have passed this pelican weathervane for so long,  always making a mental note that I must stop to photograph it at some point.  The sky,  with its superb color and “texture” offered the perfect backdrop!

I must say I am generally quite reluctant to photograph such things,  as this house is a private dwelling.  The good news is that is hailed a “For Sale” sign in the front yard, so for all anyone knows,  I was recording the house to look at later on!

Reaching the Saturation Point?

Rest assured I am *not* complaining!  After all, it is officially autumn and that generally signals substantial rainfalls in these parts.  I love the cooler weather, the sound of rain pelting against the house,  and the early sunsets.   I love the chill in the air that sends one back inside to add layers of warmer clothing.  And I love the colors of autumn too!

I felt the change in the weather coming….or, perhaps I merely looked at the calendar!   I find myself suddenly surrounded by magazines with with yellow, orange, and red hues hailing to me from their covers.  There seems to be a saitsfaction of some sort,  reading through the pages and treasuring  ideas gleaned.  I wonder if anyone else suffers from this same affliction ?  I have heard of spring fever and cabin fever after all….

The ground around us has been crying out due to the lack of heavenly rainfall lately. Dust clouds could be seen swirling about with every gust of wind that blew and cracks in the earth were beginning to form from the dry conditions!

No longer, though!  

We have seen rain aplenty today!

And tonight as well!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

rain at the mall.small

The above photo was taken while we waited for the kids to shop a bit in the mall.  The Scotties were with us and Murphy could care less about the weather!

sleepy murphy.small

At this point,  I wonder if the ground isn’t completely saturated! 

Now, if rain isn’t your cup of tea, think on it this way…..were all this rain *snow*,  we would be BURIED!!!


me in the new sweater.small

Yes!!! I have (finally!) conquered the sweater!  I had almost finished it Friday, but needed to buy buttons.  Buttons are one of those tiny little details that often throw me over the edge….The last time I bought buttons like these, I wasn’t paying close attention and when I got home, I realized they were PLASTIC!  Blech!!!

While Mark and I spent a little time in Canandaigua last evening ( I just *had* to have a little cup of Abbott’s Pumpkin Custard….tis the season, after all!)  I remembered I needed buttons. I relunctantly went into JoAnn’s Fabrics,  hoping that “perhaps” they might have something acceptable. 

As I looked through tons of buttons,  I did find some “vintage” buttons by La Mode that might do.   I was looking for real leather buttons though, and when I saw the JHB display, hope welled up.  As I turned the swiveling display,  my eyes lit upon *exactly* the buttons I wanted!  And, to add to my surprise,  these buttons were actually made in the USA!  What a pleasant surprise!

Now….what shall I make next?

Stump Removing 101

One of the most frustrating things about having work done with a bulldozer is that there is cleanup work to be done afterwards.  The following photos are taken to the east side of our property where the bulldozer fashioned a new drainage ditch through the woods, coming out to the road.  The problem is that in so doing,  four or five trees  were pushed over to form a luxurious “road”!

Ben and Mark worked on getting a few of the stumps removed from the area, tidying it up nicely.  However, there was still one stump remaining as of this morning.  Mark made a remark about saving the biggest for last.  He and the kids went up the path and began working on removing this bad boy.

The problem with showing photos of things like stumps is that a picture can never give the proper perspective of a stump that probably weighs more than a small automobile!  I need to interject that we have been in a very, very dry weather pattern lately, so Ben beat the tar out of the roots of this tree,  knocking off a huge amount of dirt and stones!

So….here you have it…..

stump moving 1.small

One farm wagon, two ramps, one set of massive chains, one come-along,  several pieces of odds and ends of wood and firewood,  two kids, and Mark.

stump moving 2.small

stump moving 3.small

stump moving 4.small

stump moving 5.small

stump moving 6.small

stump moving 7.small

stump moving 8.small

At this point,there was a large root that caught on the side of the wagon, making it impossible to lift the stump onto the wagon.  Never fear.  The kids learned a lot about levers,  mechanical advantage,  and safety today,  via Mark!

stump moving 9.small

I was so surprised when Ben made comments to Mark (more than once) about how to perform a certain task and Mark thought a few minutes and then told Ben he was correct!  Something tells me the Engineering Apple didn’t fall too far from the tree!

With a couple more pieces of firewood and a long bar,  the bad stumpwas on the wagon and headed to another part of the property.  I think Ben must have been near ecstasy at this point in time!

stump moving 10.small

The kids finished up then showered and were off to the Grape Festival.   We drove them down about two this afternoon and the traffic was hideous!  They stayed with their friends,  then went to a concert.

We are finally getting some much appreciated rain! The winds have been awesome all day and the temperature has dropped to the point that there is a reall “chill” in the air.  Ah,  love, love, love the Autumn!  I am beginning to experience the hibernation mode,  but we need to get our firewood in first!

Katya, Katya, Where have You Been?

NOT to London to visit the Queen!

NOT taking photographs.

NOT tidying and cleaning the house.

No, no, no!

Instead,  I have been spending time running to and from Canandaigua to take Michelle to classes and pick her up.  I have also been spending a good deal of time outside,  doing odd jobs that need to be done.  Today, I spent a few hours in the woods cutting firewood.  Yes, we are behind in getting in our firewood for the winter.  I tend to think we have more than 14 cords, which would fill our woodshed to capacity, but Mark begs to differ.  Time (and gathering what is already cut)  will tell.  Mark always thinks we have less than we really do!

I do have a little story to tell about Michelle.  She is taking a business course in which the professor divides the kids into groups.  Michelle was in a group with another girl and two guys. The girl dropped out of the course (or so Michelle thought) so Michelle and the two guys would have to do a “case study” regarding a business, researching and writing a paper answering specific questions.  Michelle volunteered to put the paper together and edit it for her group.

Michelle showed me her paper last weekend and I gave her a few ideas to “polish” it up,  but they were very small things.  Michelle went to class a few days later and the professor said there was one paper that received a “10” (best score), but one paper that was very “outstanding”.  Michelle and the class watched as the said paper was placed on the ovehead.  As the professor began reading, Michelle couldn’t believe it….it was the paper she edited for her group! Way to go, Michelle!!!!

Today, she saw the girl who dropped out of the class, but she explained she merely switched classes because she was having a hard time with attending everything that day.  She told Michelle the professor showed her new class the same “outstanding” paper.  Michelle was shocked, but quite pleased!

The weekend is around the corner and the Naples Grape Festival is once again rolling around.  Michelle is going down to help Cindy tomorrow and she is excited about the festival. 

Ben has been helping me with th firewood and Mark is teaching him about using a chainsaw.  He is anxious to cut firewood, but Mark wants him to be familiar with safe usage before he cuts. 

I do have a few photos that I need to show, but I am so tired, I am sitting in a heap on the couch!  I was so tired today that when we went to Canandaigua to pick Michelle up,  I completely forgot to even grab a camera! That is pretty tired!

A Long and Somewhat Productive Day

I got up with the Scotties a little later than usual because I had to knit a few rows on the sleeve for my new sweater.  The boys are pretty patient in the morning,  and today they waited without making any fuss as the needles moved along….

When we made it downstairs,  there was a strange “look” in the house.  I looked outside the French doors on the back deck and noticed that everything looked as though it had been “bathed” in orange!  Even the air itself seemed like there was a funny color to it!

As the Scotties ate their breakfast, I went out the door with my camera.  I looked up in the sky

1 reddish-orange sky this morning.small

2 losing some of the red color.small

As the “cloud” made its way east, it became less and less “colorful”.

3 turning more yellow and heading eastward.small

Since we had no major plans to do anything special,  I spent a good deal of the day reading and knitting.  I finished one sleeve for my sweater yesterday, then sewed the fronts to the back at the shoulders.  I thought the sleeves would be so easy to complete,  but all the cabling was driving me nuts!  I don’t need to read the pattern as the instructions are now imbedded in my brain,  but there is so much fiddling around with cables!!!!

4 the new sweater getting done.small

This shows the detail on the front….

5 so many stitches to twist turn and cable.small

and the sleeve…..

6 sleeve detail.small

I am determined to finish this bugger up by the weekend!  After finishing the sleeve yesterday,  I finished the neck edge as I was reluctant to begin the second sleeve!

Mark and I watched another Sabres preseason game last night,  which was another win for Buffalo! Yeah, go Sabres!  They played Washington last night, which is another team they have a hard time beating.  Now, if only they could continue on during the regular season!

Michelle and Mark made a fantastic barbeque sauce they found the recipe for on the internet.   I cooked boneless skinless chicken thighs on the grill for dinner and then swirled them around in the sauce.  I also made green bean casserole and once dinner was served, there was a lot of lip-smacking going on!

Now, if only I could figure out how to make the house self-cleaning…..

Change Coming to our Region

Last evening, the kids went to a concert down in Naples with the proceeds benefitting the family of their friend who was in a serious automobile accident a few weeks ago.  The young man involved in the accident showed up last night.  He is wearing a neck brace and his arm in in a cast as it was injured quite severely.  We are all just thankful he is okay!

As the kids were at their concert,  Mark, the Scotties, and I sat in the truck, watching a hockey game on the laptop. The game was very exciting,  as it was a preseason game against the Detroit Redwings.  Buffalo has been so hard pressed to defeat this team, but they did last night, taking the game 3:1!

1 watching hockey in the truck.small

Of course, Angus got bored after a bit since the laptop didn’t offer food or anything inviting for a Scottie! So, he decided to stand guard duty in case anyone might try to slip too close to the truck!

2 angus on guard duty.small

We parked in a space in front of the Naples Pharmacy and I decided to take a few photos.  I must digress just a bit and explain that I didn’t get out of the truck to take any photos, as I was suffering the results of a ridiculous headache I had awakened to yesterday morning.  I have never had a migraine, but every now and again,  I get a massive tension headache (in the back of the neck and spreading to the shoulders) that just refuses to leave.  Thus, I spent a good portion of yesterday lying on the bed.   The temperature was a tad chilly last night and I just didn’t have any ambition.  So, photos from the truck….

4 flag outside naples pharmacy.small

5 bench outside pharmacy.small

I noticed that St. Januarius Catholic Church already has a sign up for their annual yard sale during the Grape Festival.  The festival is next weekend.

3 making ready for the grape fastival.small

This brought to my mind a news story I had read a couple of weeks ago. 

Naples is “on the  map”, if you will,  for two *famous* things.  Those two entities are the annual Naples Grape Festival and Widmer’s Winery.   Well, we have been informed that within the next eighteen months,  Widmer’s Wines will be moved away from Naples and relocated to Canandaigua. 

I cannot help but wonder what kind of impact this move will have on the tiny village of Naples.  I’m not certain of the statistics, but I would venture to guess that many of the 55 Windmer employees are from the area.  In reading through a history of Widmer’s, this winery has been in the Naples location for over a century, when Swiss born John Widmer established the venture in 1883.  The winery has survived some tough times, including America’s spell of prohibition.

 The town is assured that the move might be a positive one, as the Rochester Institute of Technology has shown an interest in the property.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  The Widmer property is a fairly large portion of Naples and has presented itself nicely over the years.   The distinct building sitting on a side road running parallel to Main Street has been an important part of the town for many, many years. 

6 naples hotel lit up.small

Time alone will tell how this move will impact the lives of the people of such a small community…..