Wild Skies and Inciting a Riot

I am sorry to be posting this so late, but today was (yet another) busy day!

Late yesterday morning, (Sunday) Michelle was asked to come to Cindy’s (our friend the piemaker) house to mind the “store”.  While Michelle was there,  I decided to wander around Naples a little and take some pictures.

The first one surprised me.  It would seem the tiny town of Naples built their first school just before the United States Civil War.

naples school 1.small

I have spent many years running school records to Naples as we are required to submit quarterly reports and any test results the kids have had over the course of their school year.  It was only recently that I noticed the beautiful work above the doors in the form of pillars with grape leaves on them.  Unobservant as I am, I never saw those goofy faces below the pillars!  I wonder why faces were included? Strange…..

naples  school 2.small

After dropping Michelle off back home,  I headed on to Canandaigua.  Since I was alone, I took my time, dawdling wandering with reckless abandon!  I did stop at Wal Mart for a few minutes to pick up a jar of mayonnaise.  When I came out of the store,  I could hardly believe my eyes….

To the west,  the skies were so dark and threatening, they were almost scary.  No kidding!

looking west.small

While to the east,  the sun was shining brightly and looking rather promising!

looking east.small

While certainly feeling more drawn toward the east,  I realized I needed to begin to get home.  But first,   I had an important little thing I wanted to do!   My bucket of cracked corn was sitting in the back of the Explorer and I really wanted to use some of it!  Off I wandered, toward the city pier.

When I got to the pier, things were quiet and, well, boring.   So, I grabbed the bucket and broadcast some of the delicious cracked corn.  Suddenly, there were ducks everywhere!

coming in baby.small

ducks 2.small

riot I incited.small

Yes, I really did incite a little riot of sorts.  The ducks quacked, pecked, and squawked as they gobbled the treat.  Gulls appeared from nowhere, making that hideous “laughing” noise.  I got a kick out of the ducks chasing the gulls and biting at them as they tried to land in the midst of the goodies!

All the while I was at the lake,  I couldn’t help but notice the threatening skies and the “weird” appearance of the lake.

Later in the evening, my mother called, wanting to know if we were okay.  Okay?  As in, what?  She told me they heard on the news there was a tornado in Canandaigua on Saturday!  Sure enough,  I looked online and there had been a tornado with winds of 90 miles per hour that touched down near the Canandaigua Yacht Club.  Amazing.

This morning,  the meteorologist on the radio said there have been 10 tornadoes in New York State this year.  This is unusual and unexpected!  He assured listeners meteorological students in the future will certainly be studying the “weird” summer of 2009!

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  1. Boy you can liven things up!! I love the picture of the pillars! The middle face looks female with wheat around it. Also that pillar has flowers and what looks like some sort of other fruit on it as well as the grapes. The face on the right looks like the typical Green Man with Oak leaves around the face and the man on the left has Maple leaves around it. I can see the grapes as you’re in wine country, but wonder what the rest of means. There must be a story behind the pillars. Very cool for sure!!

  2. Imagine my surprise when I heard from my stepson that there was a tornado in Canandaigua!! Especially when I’m in S. Dakota and don’t know how bad it really is!! You will laugh…the first place I looked was your blog to see if you had any pictures of it!! Then I checked out Channel 13’s website and saw that it had primarily hit the yacht club and did some major damage to boats, but we should be ok. I love looking at all your pics around the area….I’ve lived in Cdga for years and never seen some of the things you pick out! And I love the riot of ducks that you caused…

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