Yesterday, the Blur!

Yesterday was a day filled with *wild* running about!

The morning began with Mark and Michelle working diligently on the back of the truck. Actually, it wasn’t technically “the truck”… The cap on the back of the truck has a lock on it,  but while we were at Kingdom Bound, I realized that the lock wasn’t working properly.  We have been unable to lock the back for weeks now.  Mark tried several attempts to “unfreeze” the lock, as the key just would not turn!  So, after disassembling the entire lock,  Mark and Michelle were ready to go!

First stop was at the college Michelle will be attending.  We needed to give the financial aid department some documents and Michelle picked up her student ID card. (although she was told it wasn’t “supposed” to be ready until Monday!)

The next stop was Wal Mart. I was excited about this stop.  The day I took the photos at Denny’s,  I told Mark I wanted to see if I could find an inexpensive frame so I could mount four of the best duck photos and give it to Denny’s as a gift for their wonderful care of Mama Duck and her babies!  Michelle and I sent four of the photos to get them printed at Wal Mart,   then I used a frame I found at the store as well.  It was lovely….a real wooden frame painted black, with four 4″ x 6″ openings.  The photos really “popped” in the dark frame!

After Wal Mart,  I took the frame with the photos mounted to Denny’s.  I asked to speak to the manager, and when he came out,  I told him how wonderful it was that the employees look after the duck family.  I then gave him the frame. He looked with amazement and asked if I *really* wanted to do this and I assured him I did!  He had employees look at the frame as I left.   One sad note, though, was that he said the mother only had five babies with her yesterday, instead of the original seven.   Unfortunately,  the mother crosses routes 5&20 frequently to get to the lake, and that is a very dangerous road to cross, even for humans.

We made a stop for Chinese for Michelle and Ben, then went on to a trailer place that sells the caps we have on the back of the truck.  The salesman looked at the lock and told Mark he would need to replace the tumbler.  He worked with a master key to remove the old one and replaced it with a new one.  Easy fix….I was so impressed!

On to the mall where the kids and I did a little (emphasis on “little”) shopping.

We were then off to Rochester.  We had to get a price adjustment at Wal Mart in Henrietta, then met Carly and her family to give them Carly’s shoes….she had forgotten her work shoes at our house when they came down for Michelle’s graduation party.  We then shopped at Sam’s Club.  Phew!

Ben needed to make another stop (briefly) at the mall in Victor, so we stopped there.  Before leaving, Mark looked on a map to see where the new campus for Finger Lakes Community College is being built in Victor.  We looked around there, but it was so dreadfully dark, we could hardly see a thing! When Michelle saw the close proximity of the campus to the mall, she thought she might have to refigure attending this campus at some point!!

We finally got home pretty late! We certainly covered a huge amount of ground yesterday!  The sad thing for me, though, was not one photo was taken! Ah well, there is always today, eh?