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Excuse the orange-ish cast to the photo, but the flash diminished the detail on my cables!  (you certainly do want to see all the fancy stuff I am doing, right?)

I have been wanting to start knitting again for some time now…I was thinking about making something smaller like a pair of socks….but I *really* need some new sweaters for the cold weather coming.  I haven’t knit any sweaters since Ben was a little tyke and I am afraid I have worn them out! I love sweaters!! 

new sweater on the needles.small

The only problem I foresee right away is the color of this sweater.  I plan to make another once done with this one…in BLACK!

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  1. What wonderful cables! I’ve made 2 scarves with cables (same pattern) and I recently ran into a pattern for mittens with a cable on the back and they are on double points (hate to seam anything). I’m new to cables, but I plan on exploring them a little more as they are fun to watch take shape.

  2. Photography, knitting, superb writing…is there no end to your talents?!? Keep us updated on progress: looking great already.

  3. Bill, I need things that are DARK colored, as I tend to ruin light colors!

    Terri, my neighbor across the street urged me to knit when Ben was a baby. I had crocheted a lot, but she told me knitting was SO easy as there are only two stitches. I finally bought some yarn, but I only like sweaters with lots of twists and turns and such! So, after knitting Michelle a cute little sweater with Scotties on it, I went headlong into knitting everything cabled! (love Irish and Scottish knits the best!)

    Frances, this is a free Paton’s pattern. (online) I am using Paton’s (cheap!) Classic Merino Wool. Since we don’t really have any nice yarn shops nearby, I picked this up at Jo Ann’s Fabrics. As stated above, I love patterns with lots of cables….

    Thank you, Ian! In all honesty, I like to do too many things and that is why I could never decide what I wanted to be when I grew up!

  4. Oops, one more confession…I had originally knitted to this point and I ripped the entire thing out, feeling frustrated because I couldn’t “get the hang” of the pattern. I restarted two days later and by then, the pattern “registered”! Ugh! Knitting isn’t quite as “easy” as it was when the kids were little and playing outside so I could concentrate!!!!!

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