A Duck Story in Photos

Yesterday afternoon, the kids attended another birthday party….wow….lots of us born in August!

While the kids were at the party, Mark and I went for a ride. We had no destination in mind and as we returned back to Canandaigua,  I was downhearted as I had no new photos. Feeling down-in-the-mouth,  I asked Mark to take me to Abbott’s for some frozen custard….a sweet treat would at least make things a little better!

We sat in the parking lot, eating and just talking.  Suddenly, I saw the most incredible scene!   I grabbed my camera and raced over to the Denny’s Restaurant next door.  I snapped over 150 photos in the next twenty minutes or so, but I will let the photos speak for themselves…..

wayward children wandering in parking lot 1.small

all together and seated 2.small

little one on left wants to try his wings 3.small

ducklings come to get bread scraps 4.small

bread scraps to try to lure the family out of the parking lot 5.small

mama duck says follow me 7.small

they finally realize they need to leave the parking lot 8.small

brginning the journey to the water 9.small

no no no wrong way 10.small

herding ducklings back into the right direction 11.small

good ducks heading towards the water and being rewarded.12.small

almost there amidst dive bombing gulls 13.small

finally in the water 14.small

success 15.small

I was so amazed, watching store management and waitresses coming outside and trying to coax the little duck family to go back into the huge pond behind the store where they could be safe.  There was something so unnerving seeing those little ducklings waddling about,  under cars and back out again….. The people making the “save” told me they do this on a regular basis, day after day,  trying to keep the birds safe during the busy hours!

One fellow opened his cell phone and showed me the funniest photo.  He said that a couple months ago, there was a duck and a domestic goose that would constantly hang out at the front door of the restaurant.  He said that if anyone made any moves towards the duck, the goose would attack!  Unfortunately,  a four-year-old boy was bitten by the goose, so the conservation department was called in to remove the defensive goose!

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  1. Excellent! Isn’t it a bit late in the season for such little ones? That’s awesome that the restaurant folks keep an eye on them.

  2. Carly, I also was thinking it was quite late for a new crop of ducklings!

    The help at this Denny’s seems unified in their attempts to keep the wee ones from harm’s way!

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