Another Fine Trip to the Windmill

The kids were invited to a birthday party this afternoon so Mark and I dropped them off and had to find something to occupy the next few hours.  Well, with my chronic “wanderlust” bug,  it didn’t take too long for me to have an idea. 

I figured that since the Windmill over in Penn Yan wasn’t *too* far from the party, perhaps a nice chicken barbeque might taste good….after all, it has been a few weeks since we last had one!  Mark agreed with my suggestion and we were off once again on a new little adventure.

We pulled in with only about an hour and fifteen minutes before the businesses were going to be closing for the day.  I bought a meal and Mark and I split it, leaving a few tasty morsels for Angus and Murphy.  When we had pulled up to the vendor for the chicken,  I had noticed some people dressed in what looked like Civil War clothing.

As soon as we finished,  I asked Mark if he minded if I looked around a little bit.  I grabbed the camera and wandered over where I saw little pup tents pitched.  Sure enough, there were a few people from a Civil War reenactment group that had an interesting display of that era.  I wandered around a bit and took several photos.

At one point, two young Mennonite ladies meandered over to have a look at this piece of history.  The three of us all seemed to spot a tiny shorn Yorkshire Terrier wandering around the feet of the women in the group.  I giggled and said the dog just didn’t seem to fit in too well.  One girl immediately commented they should have a large black mutt instead of a Yorkie.  We laughed and then went on our separate ways.

The following are the photos I took of the reenactment group and their displays.

civil war 1.small

civil war 2.small

civil war 3.small

civil war 4.small

civil war 5.small

civil war 6.small

civil war 8.small

civil war 9.small

civil war 10.small

civil war 11.small

civil war 12.small

civil war 13.small

civil war 14.small

civil war 15.small

civil war 16.small

I wish we would have come earlier in the day to have seen these folks..

As I hopped back into the truck,  I told Mark I think one of the reasons I so enjoy going to the Windmill is for the socialization!  There are so many friendly people there and there is something so wholesome…so good, about getting out in the sunshine and fresh air!

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  1. I admit that I don’t understand folks enthusiasm in participating in historical re-enactment, but I’m sure they wouldn’t understand my enthusiam for some of my pursuits either. Good set of ‘candid’ photographs.

  2. Bill, I think that because the Civil War was one of the bloodiest wars ever fought in the US, people are somewhat strangely fascinated by it. The war bwtween the north and south was supposedly fought over the issue of slavery, although I believe it was much more complicated.

    I, of course!, was drawn to the bearded fellow with the camera! We talked awhile and he said that the strangest part about Civil War reenactments is that many people want to represent the south…moreso than the north!

    I also think that some folks just settle on a certain period of time and romanticize about it…not coming to grips with the fact that life was not very comfortable at that particular time! Easier for us to wear the clothing and maybe even enjoy some of the period crafts and living, but then return home to our wonderful homes full of technology and conveniences!!!!

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