Clearing the air….

That’s what I did this afternoon!

I left the house with no husband, no children, and no Scottie dogs.  It was me and my camera.

I had no real destination in my mind.  I was just out looking to see if there was anything to photograph!  It is quite common to see large groups of Canada Geese near water.  It is also common to see them in corn fields after the harvest, gobbling up kernels that weren’t caught in the machinery…but these geese were just enjoying a lush green field….

geese in field.small

I decided to head due east.

Too bad the rain began falling as I travelled east along Route 5&20!  I just kept driving on and as I passed a small place I had seen before, something caught my eye!

I had kept going eastward, but stopped and turned the Explorer around to check out this tiny little wetland located right near a very busy road!

wetland site.small

Please excuse the terrible quality of these photos.  It was drizzling rain which didn’t thrill me too much.  I didn’t want my camera to get drenched, but I did want to get some photos.  I trudged out of the Explorer and through mid calf deep wet grass to get as close as I could.  I was a little unclear as to where, exactly terra firma ended and swamp began, so I decided to err on the side of firm turf beneath my feet!  Thus, I was a great distance from the subjects!

heron crane and ducks.small

When I took the above photo, I had *no* idea the Heron was there! I had spotted two Cranes wading about and later saw a Heron fly off, but it was only when I enlarged the photo that I actually saw it!


cranes 2.small

If you click on the photo below (twice to make it really large!)  you can see a turtle sitting on the rock to the right of the crane!

two cranes.small

and a turtle or two on the stone to the left of the crane….

crane and turtles on rock.small

This little wetland area appears more like a wee little swamp, but it was cool seeing these birds and turtles!  If you expanded the photos, you might have even seen ducks sitting on the rocks as well.

You just never know what you might see…

Of course, as I turned around and headed home,  the skies began to clear!  Ah well.  There will be another time. And perhaps there will even be more birds or different birds!