Saved by the Bell. (on my phone….)

 Michelle’s (and ours, too!) day began with arriving at Finger Lakes Community College at eight this morning.  Michelle had to take a placement test so the school would know that she is literate and can do math…that we haven’t just kept her home twiddling her thumbs these past several years!  Even though we were required to keep extensive records on her schooling as well as having her tested to see where she stood compared to public school students,  she received no diploma from the school district stating that she had successfully completed all required work.  School districts do not seem to look kindly on homeschooling.

We arrived at the college and Mark, Michelle, and I hopped out of the truck to begin a day of orientation.

finger lakes community college.small

As we walked towards the school,  I could hear the buzzing of bees in a hedgerow of fantastic rosehip bushes.  But, there was no time to dawdle taking photos as more important business was at hand. 

Mark had thought that perhaps Ben would like to see the school, but he decided to stay in the truck and wait.  The weather forecast had called for thunderstorms throughout the day,  but with increasing heat,  haziness, and humidity.

We raced along the pathway and up to the doors……

finger lakes relief in concrete.small

I love that relief map in the concrete of the Finger Lakes.  Very cool.

welcome signs.small

And little welcome signs greeted the new scholars and their families.

We went inside and while Michelle did her testing (she said it was very basic “stuff”)  we joined the other parents for an information session.  The college is small with only about five thousand students.  Each classroom has about thirty students,  making it very nice for Michelle’s first step into the world of higher academia.

We listened and learned about many things,  including the library and many services that are not only available to the students,  but their families and community members as well!  Very informative.  But, as we sat,  my cell phone began to vibrate.  Ben was getting restless and wanted to go for a little walk.  We told him it would be okay,  and set some guidelines.

A while later,  the cell phone vibrated once again.  As I looked down at the phone,  I saw a little message flash at the bottom of the screen that the main battery power was getting low.  At this point,  it was after lunch time, and I thought perhaps Ben was getting a little hungry.   I left the meeting and drove over to pick him up from a store.  I then took him for lunch,  thinking the cell phone might get charged enough to last the rest of the orientation.  Unfortunately, it didn’t and I was forced to leave it charging in the truck.  Ben said he would stay in the truck until we were done, so I left.

Since I was alone and no one could/would grumble about me taking just a few photos,  I snapped some along my way back to the building.  I don’t think I have ever seen this many rosehips, ever!  (thinking about all the jam that could be made from this harvest!)

tons of rose hips.small

There were few flowers left on the bushes, but the ones that remained were a haven of yellow pollen for passing bumblebees.  And so I indulged……

busy busy bumblebee.small

magnificent colors.small

watch out kittle beetle.small

I just saw that this last photo was mistakenly named….”watch out kittle beetle”…it should have read “little” beetle.  I was especially pleased with that particular photo.  I love the way the bumblebee is hovering!

Thank you one and all for the birthday wishes.  It was a different day, but Michelle is all registered and ready to begin her courses September 8th.

After Michelle’s orientation, we came home to grab the Scottie boys.  We took the kids to visit with their friend Jonathan one last time.  Jono leaves for college tomorrow morning.  So the kids went on a little hike for an hour.  We picked them up and then wandered over a few towns to a Kentucky Fried Chicken store for dinner.  I really like their grilled chicken.

Then it was back home to the Bristolwood.  And what a relief to be back home.  The temperature and humidity reached really almost unbearable heights today but  the temperature dropped several degrees as we got closer to our house!