Another day in photos….

Before taking a trip to Canandaigua this afternoon,  we went down to Woodville to visit my friend, the eagle.  I hadn’t been by to visit in a couple of weeks and I really wanted to just get out for a few minutes.  In the end,  I threw out many photos because as I poised the camera to shoot,  the currents in the water would move me along, causing my camera to struggle to stay focussed! Ah well…..

eagle this afternoon 1.small

eagle this afternoon 2.small


geese resting in the shade.small

three geese.small


young goose.small

I bought some yarn so I can knit a sweater for the fall.  I brought the yarn up and placed a couple of skeins on the bed to photograph them.  These skeins were taken from a plastic bag, so they haven’t even been handled by people.  Murphy, however, smelled *something*!  Little bugger wouldn’t leave the yarn alone!

yarn for sweater and nosy scottie.small


Today was Mark’s and my anniversary. Tomorrow is my birthday…Michelle has orientation for college, so we will be busy a good part of the day.