Back to the Norm

Or, kinda!

hot tub in the woods.small

On Friday, Mark and I worked together,  lightly sanding the hot tub to get it ready for a coat of protection.  I brushed the oil on and we all “ooohed and awwwwed”  at how much better it looked once done.  We left it in the garage to dry and on Sunday morning, Mark and the kids hauled it off into the woods next to the house!

On Sunday, during the party, some kids had talked about meeting up at the mall.  Jonathan was going to do some school shopping and the kids realized they might not be seeing him again for a couple of months once he leaves. Mark agreed to take Ben and Michelle to see Jonathan and his cousins, Cole and Katherine.

The kids were at the mall a couple of hours when Mark said we needed to pick them up as he had an appointment.  I went in to see if they were coming out and took my camera along…

cole on carousel 1.small

Cole was simply hysterical as he rode his little horse. (ever hear tell of a “toothy grin”?

ben on carousel.small

Ben seemed to look a bit stunned.

katherine on carousel.small

Pretty Katherine gave me a most excellent smile.

cole on carousel 2.small

Cole?  What on earth?

michelle on carousel.small

Michelle was busy taking pictures.

cole on carousel 3.small

Okay Cole.  Do you realize just where the horse’s head is located?  Ummmm…….

jonathan on carousel.small

Jonathan just looked like he was chillin’ on the swing.

cole on carousel 4.small

And Cole, now accustomed to his (backward) stance, decided to stretch out!

jonathan on carousel 2.small

And as the ride came to an end,  Jono looked shocked!

The kids got off the carousel and said their good-byes.  They hugged Cole and Katherine, telling them they would see them in a year.  (Cole came down and stayed with Jonathan’s family for five weeks)  It was a little harder saying good bye to Jono,  but he told the kids he would be home for Thanksgiving in November.

Growing up can sometimes be so hard to get adjusted to……