A Day to Remember

My parents and brother Randy arrived at our house late Saturday afternoon.  Mark and Ben had gone to Rochester for a couple of reasons.  On Friday, I thought I should check the chlorine in the pool and discovered it was in the low acceptable range.  Since the kids would be using the pool heavily for Michelle’s party,  I decided to add some tablets to the chlorinator.  Upon trying to replace the cover, I realized the “o” ring that acts as a gasket was broken and in need of replacement.  So, Mark and Ben were going to pick up a new one.  They also had a very concise, albeit small list of food items to buy for the party.

Michelle and I stayed home to clean the house and get everything in order for the party.  When my parents arrived, we sat on the porch and visited for a long time, just enjoying the little lull!

We stayed up until eleven on Saturday night, chatting and laughing.   I got up at six Sunday morning, ready to take on the tasks at hand.  I made some Apple Spice muffins for breakfast, and we ate out on the porch.  As soon as the dishes were done, it was time to get started on decorating for the party.

We worked together and cleared out the garage….Michelle thought the kids would enjoy just hanging out there.  As we worked,  the temperature kept creeping upward more and more!  After decorating was done,  my parents, Mark, and I all sat in the garage where we had a fan running and the cement floor seemed to generate some cool refreshment!

My dad and Fritz sat on a chair relaxing until the guests began to arrive…

dad and fritz.small

Michelle had a total of thirty guests.  Many were young people and many drove to our house.  I was just amazed at how the kids parked on one side of the driveway, leaving the rest of the driveway open  in case someone else had to leave. 

guests in the back yard.small

hangin and having fun.small

When the kids began filtering in,  Mark was sitting in the garage with his guitar and amplifier.  Two of the kids approached him (individually) and talked to him about guitars, and evenually played his guitar.  Mark was in awe at how relaxed the kids all were when it came to talking to the adults present.  They were all very polite and the entire party was just so much fun.

intense conversation.small

I am not sure what Jono and Casey were discussing, but this made for an interesting photo op!

don't pick your noses boys.small

Michelle’s employer, Cindy (the terrific piemaker) and her husband, Jon, came!

cindy and michelle.small

Of course, there were those who were “camera-shy”…..

camera sensitivity.small

And those “treasured friends”.

jonathan and chris.small

Jonathan will be leaving our area on Friday, as he is going to attend college near Philadelphia. Gosh, we are going to be missing him at our little get-togethers. We will look forward to seeing him every holiday, though!

jono the tough guy.small

Jonathan’s cousins,  Katherine and Cole, from Canada came to Michelle’s party.

the canadian guest.small

And, we were even graced with a visitor, Sho, from Japan!

the japanese guest.small

Old friends Alex and Jeffrey stayed on top of things….

alex and jeffrey.small

Wait a minute! How are those guys gonna get *down* from on top of the swingset?

alex slides down.small

Well, Alex kid of slides down one of the “a frame” members……

and jeffrey hangs and jumps.small

While Jeffrey hangs and drops!

coming down,small

And once down on the ground,  the two of them discuss their next escapade….

contemplating the next challenge.small

I am afraid I didn’t take as many photos as I would like to have taken.  I had to keep an eye to replenish meat for sandwiches and such.  I also enjoyed socializing with the adults and the kids.

Many of the young people went into the pool to cool off as the heat was nearly oppressive! The heat was accompanied by humidity and that made things really *hot*!

Michelle asked if I would make a small fire in the pit, so as the sun travelled across the western sky, I did light a small fire.  The kids went up and sat and talked,  having fun.  They roasted some marshmallows and Michelle’s friend, Jonathan H.,  sat and softly played his acoustic guitar in the background.  What a cozy time this was!

enjoying a small fire.small

Everyone had a good time (I pray!) and many people left around 8:30. When there were only a few guests left,  the kids wondered where Alex and Jeffrey had gone?  After several minutes of contemplation,  they decided to take a flashlight and look for the guys! 

After awhile and no success at finding the guys,  guess who emerged from the woods?


alex in camo.small

And Jeffrey!

jeffrey in camo.small

The guys had been close by, watching over the kids and also walking about in the woods. (I had an idea where they were, as they had asked me earlier about whether our woods had poison ivy in it, or not!)   Michelle told me this morning, she had actually tripped over Alex as he was lying on the ground, but she thought he was a log or leaves!

The guys had taken “cloaks”of camo to enshroud themselves, making themselves virtually impossible to see in the dark shadows of the woods!  Once the duo came out,  the other remaining kids wanted to try out the cloaks to see if they could also become  “invisible”!

jeffrey dresses michelle in  camo cloak.small

The photo above is Jeffrey dressing Michelle in the cloak.

Our last guests left the house at about eleven o’clock and we had enjoyed a terrific day.  Before leaving, Jeffrey and Alex helped put Mark’s tools all back in their places in the garage. ( carts, dust collector,  and some woodworking tools)

All of the guests who attended were awesome!  Thank you, each and every one! 

This was certainly an event to remember and a day I am certain Michelle will cherish and carry the memory of for many years to come!