Perhaps Ben was Right!

Just the other night as Ben and I were getting out of the Explorer to go into Lowe’s,  I told him to hold on a minute, as I needed to take a picture or two.  Ben looked at the sunset, shrugged his shoulders and explained there are always nice sunsets in Canandaigua!  However, the couple who pulled their car in next to me looked at the sky as they saw me taking pictures….they stood silently gazing upon the sun-streaked pallette and finally, the man exclaimed it was “awesome”!

Early this evening,  Michelle got her huge list of party supplies/ foodstuff  for Sunday and wondered aloud if we could do a “little” shopping?  Mark declined,  so I had the honor of accompanying her and laying out the plastic for her expenditures!  Michelle really is a thrifty shopper, so neither Mark nor I could complain as we perused her list.

Michelle had to make a stop at the Dollar Tree,  but something caught my attention….

balloon above canandaigua.small

Yes, the sky was beginning to darken a bit,  but we finished up at the dollar store and moved on…

To Wal Mart.  Home of some of the most awesome sunsets I have ever seen!

canandaigua tonight.small

canandaigua tonight 2.small

canandaigua tonight 3.small

Now, I need to admit,  I spent a good deal of time on my hands and knees today, scrubbing the front porch.  Then I had the pleasure of breathing in chlorine (well, chlorine was in the mix, anyway)  while removing the mo(u)ld from the back deck. In complete and total honesty,  I am tired and a little achy! (yeah, I never thought I would ever admit that!)  I was not in much of a mood for running around to the gas station, then four more stores.

But, seeing the sunset made it all worthwhile!  I know one thing….one could never say if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all regarding these skies. Each begins with a fresh new canvas and ends with something more spectacular than the one before!

Someone….please relieve the PRESSURE!

Pressure cooker life.  That is the life we have been living this past week!  Everyone is on edge and annoyed at one another….We took on too many tasks at once and  decided that we would install the hot tub in its new home  *after* the party on Sunday.  That certainly released some of the pressure!

We are tidying up a bit and doing things we don’t typically do, like washing the siding on the house on the front porch and back deck.  We have done it before, but it certainly isn’t one of the “high priority” jobs.  Today, both siding and porches were washed and are looking good and spider-free!  No bird droppings left on the railings!  And no more green mold growing around where the hot tub called home!

I was going to post these photos before, but forgot.  So, here are some I took the other night when Ben and I went to Canandaigua….

beautiful skies 1.small

beautiful skies 2.small

beautiful skies 3.small

Canandaigua must have some of the nicest sunsets I have seen, but you have to be at Lowe’s or Wal Mart to see them. Both of the stores are elevated and have large parking lots with no trees…perfect for seeing glorious sunsets!

The night after the above photos were taken,  we were once again at Lowe’s and another terrific display of color graced us!

more beautiful skies.small

While we were working out behind the house one day, I spotted a Monarch Butterfly fluttering amongst the milkweed. (I won’t allow Ben to weedwhack the milkweed as that is where Monarchs lay their eggs!)   I ran and got the camera and as I was trying to get a picture, I got scolded so badly,  I returned the camera to the house.  I was surprised to see that I *did* get a bit of the butterfly!

monarch butterfly leaving milkweed.small

Yesterday I talked about the murder trial in Canandaigua.  The jury heard final statements yesterday and within just a few short hours, the verdict was handed down that the man charged was guilty of two counts of first degree murder, two counts of second degree murder, and two counts of kidnapping. (for not allowing the children to leave while he was at the house)  I never read all the details of the trial until the night before last, as  I knew the trial was finally coming to an end.  After reading,  I was so stirred up,  I couldn’t go to sleep. And so….

hummingbird solar light.small

The above photo (taken at about 1:45 am!!!) is a cute little hummingbird solar light.  It turns from blue to green to red, with varying shades in between.  I bought it at Lowe’s the other night and Mark thought it was so silly.  Until he sat down and looked at it! 

Well, two more days until Michelle’s party.  Ah, then we can relax.  Not.  Firewood. Firewood is next on the (unending) list!