Things that drive me *batty*!

Yeah, sometimes it doesn’t take much! 

Yesterday was a busy day.  After cleaning up the hot tub,  we went to Canandaigua because Michelle needed proof that she has lived in our county for at least six months.  Gads, she has lived here since she was born.  Of course, she had to go to the county treasurer’s office with a load of documents. 

The people at the treasurer’s office were very nice.  Michelle hasn’t learned to drive yet, so she has no photo ID.  She had several other documents to prove her residence and so was granted a “proof of residency”  without much ado.

While we were at the county building downtown, there were news satellites set up and Ben wondered what that was about.  Mark said it is all to do with the murder trial of a Canandaigua couple last Valentine’s Day.  I had mentioned on this blog briefly regarding this.  I read news articles late last night regarding the trial and it would seem the man charged has “gulilty” written all over him.   The saddest part is that the couple’s two teen children were present in the house when their mom and step father were murdered.  Reading the details makes my blood boil and although everyone is entitled to a fair trial,  this whole trial is sickening….In the end,  the man cannot be given a sentence of capital punishment (death) because New York State has proclaimed this unconstitutional.   Perhaps in the end,  given a life imprisonment,  (at the expense of state taxpayers) he will wish capital punishment was reinstated…..(The man is also charged with murdering two other people in another county the same day, as well as shooting yet another who survived.  He will have to stand trial for those incidences in that county, separately.)

Truly, I digress…

After the treasurer’s office,  we were off to Victor.  We went to the Home Depot to buy some parts to rewire the hot tub. Oh,  I forgot to mention.  Michelle is now being trained as an electrician!  Yes, under her father’s watchful eye, she has worked on the wiring for the tub thus far.  (Remember that the two sources of electricity for the tub have been both disconnected!)  Mark has advised her to treat every wire as though it is “live” and she has already learned quite a bit!  The funny part is, she asked her father yesterday if he would consider buying her a pink drill and her own set of drill bits.  I laughed when Mark told me,  until I saw that Michelle was totally serious.  She actually is enjoying building and wiring! (and my grandfather was a general contractor…perhaps it skipped a couple of generations?)

As we passed through Victor, we came upon the weekly Farmer’s Market.  Mark saw a sign for chicken barbeque dinners, so he pulled in…knowing my affinity for these.  Oh my, it was good with half a chicken,  salt potatoes, coleslaw, a roll and butter,  and a choclate chip cookie!  I, of course, shared my plunder and everyone had some!

After the trip to Home Depot,  Mark went back towards Canandaigua.  As we passed a Kentucky Fried Chicken store, Mark pulled in.  There were a lot of people there for a Wednesday special.  As Mark and Ben ate,  something else caught my eye…..

some kind of bust.small

Yes, this doesn’t look “too” peculiar.  Unless you click to see it larger!

When we arrived at KFC, there were two state trooper cars pulled over,  along with the white unmarked truck.  The car (that is being lifted onto the flatbed)  had been pulled over.  We saw the driver being placed in handcuffs,  then the entire car was searched.  Yet another state trooper car pulled up.  Several minutes later, a border patrol car (the last in the line) pulled in.

state troopers.small

Oh how I wondered what they were discussing!

Well, I have searched the news and cannot seem to find any information about this arrest! This is the type of thing that absolutely drives me nuts!

After our “busy day out”,  (and we were only out for maybe four hours, tops!)  I was happy to retreat to our little home in the Bristolwood!  Enough excitement for one day.  Or a week.  Or, even a year!