I *should* have taken a “Before” photo!

hot tub after cleaning.small

On Monday evening,  some of the kids’ friends came over to the house to help place the hot tub onto our little utility wagon.  (this wagon could be seen in several winter photos taken from the bedroom)

Today,  I mixed up some “deck brightener”  and began brushing it on to the sides of the hot tub.  That tub had been recoated with a protective waterproofing once before,  but I had only lightly sanded the tub before applying.  I did that a few years ago and as it sat upon the deck,  it became blackened and just downright disgusting looking!

The “brightener” we bought said to apply the cleaner, then scrub with a brush.  As I slowly worked my way around the tub,  applying the cleaner,  Ben used some elbow grease to scrub off the ugly black stains.  As we worked,  it sprinkled a couple times, but no serious rain today.

The photo above was taken after I had rinsed the entire tub with a garden hose.   As you might surmise, the darkened areas of the tub were where the stains were the worst,  thus scrubbing opened up the pores of the wood, making more water soak in! When I looked in the garage tonight, where we rolled the whole kit and kaboodle back in,  the tub was almost completely dry and it looks so clean!  I am so thrilled that that awful looking tub came so clean….it really does look like new! 

Tomorrow,  I will lightly sand the cedar and then give it a coat or so of waterproofing protection.  Working with the tub so high in the air makes this task easy and nearly enjoyable!  The best part is that with Ben halping me,  we had that tub all scrubbed and clean within two hours!  Yay!!!

Swallowtail on Butterfly Bush!

swallowtail on butterfly bush.small

Today I happend to look over the porch railing and to my surprise I saw a beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly perched upon the deep purple flowers of one of my scraggly Butterfly bushes.  How profound,  thought I to myself, as I had never spotted a butterfly lounging on the lovely spikes before.

Quickly,  I retrieved my trusty camera and raced down onto the lawn to capture this special moment before the creature flew off once again…we all know just how “flighty” these critters can be.   And I made a good capture and I was pleased as the little butterfly quickly and efficiently lifted itself off the flower and fluttered away…

As I looked at the photo I had taken,  I suddenly saw something I had not seen previously when observing the butterfly.  Why,  its wings have been tattered and torn and so much of the beautiful bright colors are missing.  And still, that little butterfly flies so effortlessly through life as though nothing is wrong….

ah….to be like that butterfly!