I’m sure there are Rainbows Somewhere!

We are in a most confusing weather pattern at the moment….one minute, the sun is shining intensely, then suddenly, ba-da-boom!  The thunder stirs up and nearly makes everyone jump out of their skin!

Michelle completed her high school studies a year early, so she applied to enter our “local” community college this fall.  She received her acceptance letter in the mail today and she is over the moon! Two of her close friends (and maybe even more) will be going there as well, so she is excited beyond measure!

We are planning to have a little party for Michelle this Sunday in honor of her graduation.  We have a few outdoor projects we want to complete before Sunday and one of them is removing the hot tub from the back deck.  We have found what we believe is a suitable place for it on the ground, which will give us back a considerable amount of space on the (small) deck. 

This morning,  Michelle went out with her dad onto the deck, toolbox in hand. I turned off the circuit to the tub in the basement and removed the breaker that is located near the hot tub outside.  Michelle then worked diligently to disconnect all the wiring.  I forgot to mention that before all this took place, she removed about two inches of water from the bottom of the tub.  I had drained and cleaned it out before we left for Kingdom Bound but it filled with rain while we were gone. (We need to replace the falling apart cover that will be seven years old next month.)  Michelle syphoned all the water out, then used a wet vac to suction out all the remaining water from the inner orifices.

Since Michelle cleared all the water from the tub, we have had two downpours.  I went out after the last one with a yardstick in my hand….the water was four inches deep!  That all fell within about an hour to an hour and a half!

Although Mark was sure he told the girl at the post office to resume our mail today,  it didn’t come! Mark asked if I would run to the post office and as I was getting set to leave,  I saw (GASP!) a butterfly on one of the Butterfly Bushes. I took a photo with the Panasonic, but it was blurred.  I ran upstairs and grabbed the Nikon, but as soon a that butterfly saw the camera, it left the bush and lighted upon the ground.

butterfly 1.small

butterfly 2.small

Not very good photos I am afraid, but the butterfly was so shy! Also, if you click to enlarge the photos, you can see that tiny bugger looks like it is actually watching the camera!

A gust of wind just blew and I watched what looked like yet another shower falling, but realized it was rainwater running off the leaves of the tree as the sun shone brightly on it. 

Weird, I tell you.  As much as I have enjoyed the cool temperatures this summer,  I have to admit…this is just plain downright weird!