Kingdom Bound Day 2

 Yesterday was day two of Kingdom Bound.  There are various seminars going on throughout the day, but Mark and I go to the concerts in the evening. The kids choose to spend the day at the amusement park all day. There is a nice water park, so when the heat becomes too overwhelming, they head that way. They also have several friends attending, so they get to “hang out” together.

The evening concerts begin at 5:30, and feature some great artists.

Last evening’s concerts at the PAC began with Francesca Battistelli.  I love her (upbeat) music and she was fun to watch. She shared with us that she is going to be married in 24 days, so she might be “just” a bit distracted!

francesca battistelli.small

Immediately following Francesca was Matthew West. We saw Matthew last year at Kingdom Bound and we love his music so much!  The son of a preacher,  he shares some interesting thoughts about the Christian life. His song, The Motions has created a lot of stir in the Christian world, making people think a bit more deeply about their life and commitment.

matthew west.small

Right after Matthew’s concert, he was outside signing fans’ CD’s and photos for them. He would sign his name, then heartily shake the fan’s hand.  What a personable guy!  He was initially standing behind a counter, but then walked in front of it and was closer to everyone!

matthew west autographing photo.small

The big closing band for the evening was going to be Casting Crowns….. another group with some songs that really cause one to take a deep look at their life.  This group is one of my favorites so I was looking forward to this! We also saw them last year.

Right after Matthew finished, I realized that the battery in the little Panasonic was getting very low, so I wandered back to the truck to plug it into the inverter.  It doesn’t take long for the battery to charge and I did want to get some photos of Casting Crowns.

When I got back, there was a speaker by the name of Bob Lenz who works mainly with young people. He was great and the stories he told left the audience somewhere between side-splitting laughter and tears!

I went back to grab my camera shortly after nine, and of course, I had to take a photo of the PAC with the moon nearby.

pac with moon.small

Casting Crowns took the stage and once again, they were fabulous! The group is a fairly large one and their music is so thought-provoking.  Lead singer, Mark Hall, is not only a great singer, but minister as well.

casting crowns.small

While we are able to sit close to the stage because of Mark being in the wheelchair,  the sound is too distorted and doesn’t sound that good. We moved back past the soundboard and discovered it sounded best there. Oh, the lighting was awesome as well….

cool lighting during casting crowns.small

The Bible tells us that God separates our sin from us as far as the East is from the West. 

The group began singing their song titled “East from West” . As the song progressed, an artist worked first on one easel, finishing up, then moving to the other….

artist working during song.small

 as the song went on  “Jesus, you know just how far the east is from the west, from one nail-scarred hand to the other”…..

one nail scarred hand to another.small

Another excellent evening seeing top-rated Christian groups one after the other.  Kingdom Bound ROCKS!

I did have one more photo to show from last night  but will show it later!