Kingdom Bound Day 1

Greetings from Kingdom Bound.  This is one of the highlights of our family each summer! And speaking of summer,  this is the first summer of the three we have been attending, that I have had to put on a sweater or sweatshirt! Wow!  This weather (cool) has been just perfect for the event. 

Here is a photo of the  “PAC”….Performing Arts Center. It is a huge tent where a big name band ends the day with a concert.  There are also smaller concerts going on at other locations during this time.

pac center.small

When I glanced through the schedule yesterday,  there was a time inserted for Communion. Hmmm….How on earth could Communion be served to thousands of people? Well, we didn’t get the bread part….not sure why. Guess someone goofed!

But we did get tiny servings of grape juice!

grape juice for communion.small

grape juice 2.small

time of worship.small

Before Communion, we had heard a band called Blues Council. They were, well…blues artists! Their music was very good, ending with a unique bluesy rendition of Amazing Grace.  After Communion, they were joined by a couple of local worship leaders to play for a bit.

After this, Mark and I wandered through the amusement park for a while, just to stretch my legs. 

We returned for the big act of the night, Salvador.  They are a great band with a Latin slant.


Darien Lake has a laser light show at nights and for non-Kingdom Bound attendees, the show was going on. It includes fireworks, which we could see from the PAC!


As an aside,  Murphy got sick during the night on Saturday/Sunday.  He wandered around, unable to settle down. His stomach rumbled and he just didn’t feel well.  I was up for a few hours with him, so I was majorly tired yesterday. Thankfully, he is fine now!