Wild Skies and Inciting a Riot

I am sorry to be posting this so late, but today was (yet another) busy day!

Late yesterday morning, (Sunday) Michelle was asked to come to Cindy’s (our friend the piemaker) house to mind the “store”.  While Michelle was there,  I decided to wander around Naples a little and take some pictures.

The first one surprised me.  It would seem the tiny town of Naples built their first school just before the United States Civil War.

naples school 1.small

I have spent many years running school records to Naples as we are required to submit quarterly reports and any test results the kids have had over the course of their school year.  It was only recently that I noticed the beautiful work above the doors in the form of pillars with grape leaves on them.  Unobservant as I am, I never saw those goofy faces below the pillars!  I wonder why faces were included? Strange…..

naples  school 2.small

After dropping Michelle off back home,  I headed on to Canandaigua.  Since I was alone, I took my time, dawdling wandering with reckless abandon!  I did stop at Wal Mart for a few minutes to pick up a jar of mayonnaise.  When I came out of the store,  I could hardly believe my eyes….

To the west,  the skies were so dark and threatening, they were almost scary.  No kidding!

looking west.small

While to the east,  the sun was shining brightly and looking rather promising!

looking east.small

While certainly feeling more drawn toward the east,  I realized I needed to begin to get home.  But first,   I had an important little thing I wanted to do!   My bucket of cracked corn was sitting in the back of the Explorer and I really wanted to use some of it!  Off I wandered, toward the city pier.

When I got to the pier, things were quiet and, well, boring.   So, I grabbed the bucket and broadcast some of the delicious cracked corn.  Suddenly, there were ducks everywhere!

coming in baby.small

ducks 2.small

riot I incited.small

Yes, I really did incite a little riot of sorts.  The ducks quacked, pecked, and squawked as they gobbled the treat.  Gulls appeared from nowhere, making that hideous “laughing” noise.  I got a kick out of the ducks chasing the gulls and biting at them as they tried to land in the midst of the goodies!

All the while I was at the lake,  I couldn’t help but notice the threatening skies and the “weird” appearance of the lake.

Later in the evening, my mother called, wanting to know if we were okay.  Okay?  As in, what?  She told me they heard on the news there was a tornado in Canandaigua on Saturday!  Sure enough,  I looked online and there had been a tornado with winds of 90 miles per hour that touched down near the Canandaigua Yacht Club.  Amazing.

This morning,  the meteorologist on the radio said there have been 10 tornadoes in New York State this year.  This is unusual and unexpected!  He assured listeners meteorological students in the future will certainly be studying the “weird” summer of 2009!

Yesterday, the Blur!

Yesterday was a day filled with *wild* running about!

The morning began with Mark and Michelle working diligently on the back of the truck. Actually, it wasn’t technically “the truck”… The cap on the back of the truck has a lock on it,  but while we were at Kingdom Bound, I realized that the lock wasn’t working properly.  We have been unable to lock the back for weeks now.  Mark tried several attempts to “unfreeze” the lock, as the key just would not turn!  So, after disassembling the entire lock,  Mark and Michelle were ready to go!

First stop was at the college Michelle will be attending.  We needed to give the financial aid department some documents and Michelle picked up her student ID card. (although she was told it wasn’t “supposed” to be ready until Monday!)

The next stop was Wal Mart. I was excited about this stop.  The day I took the photos at Denny’s,  I told Mark I wanted to see if I could find an inexpensive frame so I could mount four of the best duck photos and give it to Denny’s as a gift for their wonderful care of Mama Duck and her babies!  Michelle and I sent four of the photos to get them printed at Wal Mart,   then I used a frame I found at the store as well.  It was lovely….a real wooden frame painted black, with four 4″ x 6″ openings.  The photos really “popped” in the dark frame!

After Wal Mart,  I took the frame with the photos mounted to Denny’s.  I asked to speak to the manager, and when he came out,  I told him how wonderful it was that the employees look after the duck family.  I then gave him the frame. He looked with amazement and asked if I *really* wanted to do this and I assured him I did!  He had employees look at the frame as I left.   One sad note, though, was that he said the mother only had five babies with her yesterday, instead of the original seven.   Unfortunately,  the mother crosses routes 5&20 frequently to get to the lake, and that is a very dangerous road to cross, even for humans.

We made a stop for Chinese for Michelle and Ben, then went on to a trailer place that sells the caps we have on the back of the truck.  The salesman looked at the lock and told Mark he would need to replace the tumbler.  He worked with a master key to remove the old one and replaced it with a new one.  Easy fix….I was so impressed!

On to the mall where the kids and I did a little (emphasis on “little”) shopping.

We were then off to Rochester.  We had to get a price adjustment at Wal Mart in Henrietta, then met Carly and her family to give them Carly’s shoes….she had forgotten her work shoes at our house when they came down for Michelle’s graduation party.  We then shopped at Sam’s Club.  Phew!

Ben needed to make another stop (briefly) at the mall in Victor, so we stopped there.  Before leaving, Mark looked on a map to see where the new campus for Finger Lakes Community College is being built in Victor.  We looked around there, but it was so dreadfully dark, we could hardly see a thing! When Michelle saw the close proximity of the campus to the mall, she thought she might have to refigure attending this campus at some point!!

We finally got home pretty late! We certainly covered a huge amount of ground yesterday!  The sad thing for me, though, was not one photo was taken! Ah well, there is always today, eh?

The Knitwit

Excuse the orange-ish cast to the photo, but the flash diminished the detail on my cables!  (you certainly do want to see all the fancy stuff I am doing, right?)

I have been wanting to start knitting again for some time now…I was thinking about making something smaller like a pair of socks….but I *really* need some new sweaters for the cold weather coming.  I haven’t knit any sweaters since Ben was a little tyke and I am afraid I have worn them out! I love sweaters!! 

new sweater on the needles.small

The only problem I foresee right away is the color of this sweater.  I plan to make another once done with this one…in BLACK!

A Duck Story in Photos

Yesterday afternoon, the kids attended another birthday party….wow….lots of us born in August!

While the kids were at the party, Mark and I went for a ride. We had no destination in mind and as we returned back to Canandaigua,  I was downhearted as I had no new photos. Feeling down-in-the-mouth,  I asked Mark to take me to Abbott’s for some frozen custard….a sweet treat would at least make things a little better!

We sat in the parking lot, eating and just talking.  Suddenly, I saw the most incredible scene!   I grabbed my camera and raced over to the Denny’s Restaurant next door.  I snapped over 150 photos in the next twenty minutes or so, but I will let the photos speak for themselves…..

wayward children wandering in parking lot 1.small

all together and seated 2.small

little one on left wants to try his wings 3.small

ducklings come to get bread scraps 4.small

bread scraps to try to lure the family out of the parking lot 5.small

mama duck says follow me 7.small

they finally realize they need to leave the parking lot 8.small

brginning the journey to the water 9.small

no no no wrong way 10.small

herding ducklings back into the right direction 11.small

good ducks heading towards the water and being rewarded.12.small

almost there amidst dive bombing gulls 13.small

finally in the water 14.small

success 15.small

I was so amazed, watching store management and waitresses coming outside and trying to coax the little duck family to go back into the huge pond behind the store where they could be safe.  There was something so unnerving seeing those little ducklings waddling about,  under cars and back out again….. The people making the “save” told me they do this on a regular basis, day after day,  trying to keep the birds safe during the busy hours!

One fellow opened his cell phone and showed me the funniest photo.  He said that a couple months ago, there was a duck and a domestic goose that would constantly hang out at the front door of the restaurant.  He said that if anyone made any moves towards the duck, the goose would attack!  Unfortunately,  a four-year-old boy was bitten by the goose, so the conservation department was called in to remove the defensive goose!

Horsing Around….

Yesterday at the Windmill, after speaking to some of the Civil War reenactment people,  I spotted a beautiful Amish horse and buggy tied to a tree.  Curiosity got the best of me and I went over to take some pictures.  The horse was in the shade of a pine canopy with a bag of feed tied to the tree and hay spread on the ground for her to munch on.

resting in the shade.small

awaiting her family.small

For those of us who don’t live near the Mennonites and Amish that use horse and buggy for transportation,  the sight of these animals pulling  a family briskly down the same roadways as motorized vehicles seems strange.  However, the buggies are quite remarkable in design…employing things like drum brakes and generators for nightime illumination to warn motorists of their presence.

One thing I’ve not seen before Mark and I spotted in Penn Yan.  Resting outside the Rite Aid Pharmacy was an Amish buggy with a team of two horses patiently awaiting their family.

waiting downtown penn yan.small

The Amish and Mennonites have found the Finger Lakes region to be very “workable” for them….their farms are some of the most beautiful and lush to be found in the area! I  find their lifestyle to be very admirable…

Another Fine Trip to the Windmill

The kids were invited to a birthday party this afternoon so Mark and I dropped them off and had to find something to occupy the next few hours.  Well, with my chronic “wanderlust” bug,  it didn’t take too long for me to have an idea. 

I figured that since the Windmill over in Penn Yan wasn’t *too* far from the party, perhaps a nice chicken barbeque might taste good….after all, it has been a few weeks since we last had one!  Mark agreed with my suggestion and we were off once again on a new little adventure.

We pulled in with only about an hour and fifteen minutes before the businesses were going to be closing for the day.  I bought a meal and Mark and I split it, leaving a few tasty morsels for Angus and Murphy.  When we had pulled up to the vendor for the chicken,  I had noticed some people dressed in what looked like Civil War clothing.

As soon as we finished,  I asked Mark if he minded if I looked around a little bit.  I grabbed the camera and wandered over where I saw little pup tents pitched.  Sure enough, there were a few people from a Civil War reenactment group that had an interesting display of that era.  I wandered around a bit and took several photos.

At one point, two young Mennonite ladies meandered over to have a look at this piece of history.  The three of us all seemed to spot a tiny shorn Yorkshire Terrier wandering around the feet of the women in the group.  I giggled and said the dog just didn’t seem to fit in too well.  One girl immediately commented they should have a large black mutt instead of a Yorkie.  We laughed and then went on our separate ways.

The following are the photos I took of the reenactment group and their displays.

civil war 1.small

civil war 2.small

civil war 3.small

civil war 4.small

civil war 5.small

civil war 6.small

civil war 8.small

civil war 9.small

civil war 10.small

civil war 11.small

civil war 12.small

civil war 13.small

civil war 14.small

civil war 15.small

civil war 16.small

I wish we would have come earlier in the day to have seen these folks..

As I hopped back into the truck,  I told Mark I think one of the reasons I so enjoy going to the Windmill is for the socialization!  There are so many friendly people there and there is something so wholesome…so good, about getting out in the sunshine and fresh air!

Major *Oops*

In the previous post, I mistakenly called the birds “cranes”!  This morning,  I thought I had better have a look at my Audubon bird book….

Well, I think the birds are actually Great Egrets. This is a lesson that I now not only need to carry my camera bag, but also a pair of binoculars.  The bird book wouldn’t hurt, either.  Oh, Mark is going to love this.  Now we need a larger vehicle!