Murphy the Sweet…

As far as the two Scotties go, Murphy would definitely be the “sweet” one!  Angus is more of a hunter/gatherer personality, whereas Murphy just reclines and waits for the next treat or meal to be served.  Murphy has no worries in this world because his family loves him and always comes through in the provisions department.

Yesterday, while we were wandering about in a shopping frenzy, the kids wanted to stop at Taco Bell for a little “something”.  As Michelle sat eating her burrito,  Murphy merely  cuddled right next to her, knowing that some tidbit was surely apt to fall his way. (which, of course, it did!)


Later in the day while we were shopping for a few minutes, Michelle sat in the truck with the two Scottie boys.  When we came out, Murphy anxiously showed us what a good boy he is by strapping in! (no, we would never leave him in this position, but he does have a strap for his harness that locks into the seatbelt!)

fasten your seatbelt murphy.small

Now for those not familiar with the temperament of a Scottie,  this just isn’t considered “normal”!  Scotties have a mind of their own…they are stubborn, strong-willed, and rarely do anything one wants them to do!

Murphy is our sweet and funny exception!

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