From the Lens Today

Well, I have to warn you….these photos are pretty “assorted”!

We had to take a run to Bath this afternoon  for a part for the camper, so I spent the morning cleaning up the kitchen while Mark worked in the garage until we were ready to leave.  Funny the things I see while washing dishes.

Things like a dragonfly the likes I’ve never seen before! (least that I could remember!)

dragonfly on pool rail.small

Things like little “Bambi” who came down so close to the house this morning!  There was no mother deer anywhere in sight….

little morning visitor.small

While we drove down the road, we had to stop so I could photograph the pretty Wild Chicory growing alongside our road.

wild chicory along our road.small

Me:  Mark, can we take the road through Woodville, please?

Mark:  Sure.

We pull into the parking lot for the boat launch and there is one lonely minivan parked in the lot.  I gingerly hop out of the truck with the Nikon,  into drizzly wet weather…..

Me:  Mark! Look! There are TWO birds in the tree!!!

Mark:  Cool!

two birds this afternoon.small

Since the tree is halfway across the lake and it is rainy and miserable,  I turn my attention to some little subjects closer to me….

follow the leader.small

resting duck.small

hmmm...whats that in the sky.small

where art and life meet.small

After taking gobs of photos of ducks,  I look up and see the truck slowly making its way out of the parking lot.  I jog to my door and hop in, so excited about seeing two Eagles sitting in the tree.  Mark wonders if there is something “wrong” with me….Eagles?

At this point,  I inform him that were I several years younger,  I might just go to Finger Lakes Community College and begin studying to be a forest ranger so I can work close to nature and the animals I love! So THERE!

Doesn’t everyone long to linger in nature?

Well, as we drove along,  Mark pulled over and told me to take a picture of the guys working on building a barn…

men building a  huge barn.small

This barn was HUGE!  This was just a tiny section of the thing. 

We continued on our way and went shopping in a couple of stores.  A rather relaxing day, all in all.

As I uploaded the photos I took today, a thought crossed my mind….Golly,  I cannot help it I live in such a beautiful place!

Murphy the Sweet…

As far as the two Scotties go, Murphy would definitely be the “sweet” one!  Angus is more of a hunter/gatherer personality, whereas Murphy just reclines and waits for the next treat or meal to be served.  Murphy has no worries in this world because his family loves him and always comes through in the provisions department.

Yesterday, while we were wandering about in a shopping frenzy, the kids wanted to stop at Taco Bell for a little “something”.  As Michelle sat eating her burrito,  Murphy merely  cuddled right next to her, knowing that some tidbit was surely apt to fall his way. (which, of course, it did!)


Later in the day while we were shopping for a few minutes, Michelle sat in the truck with the two Scottie boys.  When we came out, Murphy anxiously showed us what a good boy he is by strapping in! (no, we would never leave him in this position, but he does have a strap for his harness that locks into the seatbelt!)

fasten your seatbelt murphy.small

Now for those not familiar with the temperament of a Scottie,  this just isn’t considered “normal”!  Scotties have a mind of their own…they are stubborn, strong-willed, and rarely do anything one wants them to do!

Murphy is our sweet and funny exception!