Scotch Artwork

no,  I haven’t taken to buying liquor with which to do artwork.

this was supposed to be added to the previous “Nothing in Particular” entry.

but, since it was taken with the Panasonic camera….

whereas the others were taken with the Nikon…

well, you get it.

I plumb forgot!

scottie fingerpainting.small

Every time it rains, I always think afterward that I wish I would have taken a photo of the cute little Scottie paws that scoot across the decking of the front porch.  Mark recently requested that Michelle cut shorter the “skirts” on the Scotties, which she did last week.  I nearly cried…

The “artwork” used to include swirls from their skirts as they raced up and down the porch, rubbing their beards along the way, trying to wipe off the dampness gathered in the wet grass! Thankfully, their beuatiful beards remain intact!

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