Mounting up on Wings as Eagles

isn’t always so easy!

This morning,  I asked Ben to head down to Woodville with me.   I wanted to see if the Eagle(s) might be sitting in “the tree” where it/they are often seen.  Ben loaded the little kayaks into the back of the Explorer, along with the life vests.  I gathered my things together.  I had decided that since my Nikon D-80 is getting “old” and I have gained confidence in handling a camera in the kayak,  I would try taking it along instead of the point and shoot.  I found that even with the long lens,  I was able to fit the camera with the lens mounted into a gallon Ziplock bag!

After all the effort put forth for a short outing, we were totally disappointed when we arrived and the birds were nowhere to be seen.  We lingered on for a time, then decided it was futile.  I had gotten out of the Explorer to look around a little (oops, forgot the camera in the vehicle!) and saw the cutest turtle at the lake’s edge.  He was all covered in green grunge, looking so cute, so I raced back for my camera.  As soon as I bent over to photograph the little fellow, he ducked his head into his shell and actually scurried backwards and plunged back end first, into the water! Ben scratched his head and pondered aloud whether fact or fiction regarding turtles being dreadfully slow.  This little fellow “boogied”!

As we were about to leave the parking lot, Ben called out he saw an Eagle!

the only eagle we saw this morning.small

Yup, fourteen-year-old boy humor!  T’was but a boat trailer.

Mark and Michelle were antsy to leave the house as soon as we got back.  Mark needed to get parts to replace the inner tube on the little trailer we pull behind his ATV for firewood.  He also wanted to run to Rochester to shop a little.

We were off!  As we drove along, it was evident the day was going to be quite “steamy”!  It seemed like the thermometer in th car just kept rising and rising as we continued on.  We finished our trip and returned home again by about four in the afternoon.  It was so ridiculously hot, but Ben wanted to do some weedwhacking. 

By about five-thirty,  I decided to just drive down to Woodville and sit by the lake.  As I was driving down the driveway,  Ben called out he would go along with me.  So, off we went!

Once again, arriving in Woodville, there was no sign of the Eagle.  I was so disappointed,  but Ben and I decided we would just paddle around briefly.  I had the Nikon with me and was quite happy that I was able to confidently get into the kayak with the camera and not have any accidents!

We had barely put into the water when this threesome came past….

darling ducklings.small

The coloration is off…the sun was shining on them and they appeared a gray color! These are some of the tiny babies we saw just a few short weeks ago.  Now they are lovely,  nearly full-sized ducks!  They were swimming about with no sign of an adult in sight.

Ben and I paddled towards “the tree”.  He called out, asking if I saw anything?  Nope.  As we drew closer and closer, I did see “something” in the tree.  It certainly wasn’t the highly distinguishable white head of an adult.   We paddled on and on….

looking right at me.small

Please do click on these photos to appreciate the full size!

wings spread for cooling.small

Yes,  I do believe we are looking at an immature American Bald Eagle!  I was so excited.  Ben kept ribbing me, saying it was “just a hawk”.   I laughed and told him any hawk I have ever tried to photograph flew away immediately!  This bird just sat, looking down upon us.  (it was only in looking at the photos I took today that I discovered this bird is “banded”)

The bird sat with its wings spread apart and its mouth often open.  I read that Eagles don’t sweat and so they do spread their wings and pant to cool themselves off.  (I did say it was hot today!)

wings spread and panting.small

majestic stance.small

 I took so many photos of the bird.  I was afraid none would turn out as I don’t have lenses with vibration reduction. Even though the lake was smooth and calm, I could sense the bobbing motion in my little kayak!  I was pleased to find I had several good shots.

As we made our way back to the land,  I turned to photograph  a sailboat/yacht that has recently been moored a couple hundred feet out in the water.  You can see the beautiful green hills located on the east side of the lake.

yacht anchored in lake.small

Somehow, I felt such a sense of satisfaction as we returned and put our kayaks into the Explorer….

Scotch Artwork

no,  I haven’t taken to buying liquor with which to do artwork.

this was supposed to be added to the previous “Nothing in Particular” entry.

but, since it was taken with the Panasonic camera….

whereas the others were taken with the Nikon…

well, you get it.

I plumb forgot!

scottie fingerpainting.small

Every time it rains, I always think afterward that I wish I would have taken a photo of the cute little Scottie paws that scoot across the decking of the front porch.  Mark recently requested that Michelle cut shorter the “skirts” on the Scotties, which she did last week.  I nearly cried…

The “artwork” used to include swirls from their skirts as they raced up and down the porch, rubbing their beards along the way, trying to wipe off the dampness gathered in the wet grass! Thankfully, their beuatiful beards remain intact!