Eagles and Birthday Girl!

Carly and her family planned to come to visit today, so I hurried outside this morning as soon as the grass began to dry up and mowed the lawn.  I think I did it in record time….but I wanted to rush down to the market in Naples to pick up some lettuce as I completely forgot to get some at the Windmill yesterday.

We had heard a lot of “buzzing” from motorcycles passing on down towards Naples today.  When I stopped at the market,  I saw a lot of bikes parked in front of the tavern down there….must have been some type of big event happening!

lotsa bikes.small

I took the lake road as I headed back towards home, and I stopped in Woodville to see if perhaps the eagle was sitting in its favorite tree.  Sure enough, it was there!  I excitedly hopped out of the Explorer and wandered over where I saw a couple placing kayaks on te top of their vehicle.  I asked if they had seen the eagle and they got so excited!  They told me to look towards the tree where the eagle sits and I would see TWO eagles!

two eagles.small

If you click twice on the photo above and look in the center of the photo, you can see one eagle’s white feathers on its head.  Sitting directly to its left is a darker looking bird.  I was so thrilled!  I hope to get down to the lake sometime this week .  I was so excited to see one eagle….not sure I can handle seeing two at the same time!

At one point,  I felt as though I could linger on all the afternoon, but reality soon made me realize I needed to head home for our company.  I arrived home and Carly, Jeff, and the kids had already made themselves at home.   We ate hotdogs Mark cooked on the grill,  macaroni and cheese my kids made, and then the kids played in the pool.  They had quite the time, playing pool volleyball and making up rules as they went along!

I thought I should take a picture of my New Guinea Impatiens plant as I don’t think I have ever had one that was this spectacular!

new guinea impatiens.small

Erin’s birthday is actually on Tuesday but one of her wishes was to spend some time at our house for her birthday, so they came down today!

almost 10 erin.small

the nearly ten year old.small

Erin also desired to have a “cookie cake” for her birthday.  She loves sugar cookies, so Carly baked a sugar cookie cake and then decorated it at our house.  It was quite the cake!

carlys sugar cookie cake for erins birthday.small

Erin is signed up to attend a hockey goalie’s camp this summer, so Carly thought a hockey cake would be appropriate. The cake was so cute and tasted fantastic!

erins amazing hockey birthday cake.small

Our weather has been so unusual lately!  A couple of counties to our west had a tornado touch down yesterday afternoon!  There was damage to homes, trees, vehicles, and power was down.  We don’t typically have tornadoes in this area, although they do stray through from time to time.  Today, the humidity and heat were building up and then booming thunder sounded across the sky.  The winds began, rain fell and the temperature dropped significantly.  So very strange!