Amazing Finger Lakes!

Today the kids went to Penn Yan to celebrate their friend’s birthday, although Jonathan’s birthday was actually in April!  He wanted to wait until his cousin from Canada was able to come,  so the party was today. 

We dropped the kids at the house, then decided to take a little excursion…as we drove along,  we headed towards Ithaca.  The sights we saw along the way were so beautiful.  We traveled through rolling hills and along Seneca Lake.  The areas we passed through have a large population of Mennonite and Amish farms and they are just picture perfect.

I don’t have photos because it rained and made for some rather shortened views…were the sun shining, one could have seen off into distances immeasurable.  Okay, slight exaggeration, but nearly true!

As we headed back towards Jonathan’s house to pick up Michelle (Ben stayed the night)  we passed a small motor speedway and just had to stop.  There were three different races in the short time we stopped roadside.  It was cool that we had such a terrific view of the track from the road,  but even more amazing was the group of Mennonites standing behind us, also watching the action!

Terrible quality photo, but okay for being taken in the dark from my side rear mirror!

mennonite group via the side mirror.small

As we came closer to Penn Yan, we stopped at a small roadside rest and Mark shot a quick photo of the crescent moon with the Panasonic.  The Nikon was resting in the back of the truck and I was none too anxious to get out and be exposed to mosquitoes! 

crescent moon.small

A day without photos, but a day trip that was nothing less than fascinating!   I will just say that one can travel within a couple hours distance and see everything from the “Plain People” to a prestigious university that sits upon a hill unlike any setting I have ever seen!

This Finger Lakes region is just incredible!

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  1. I adore driving through “Plain People” country and simply cannot wait til our vacation coming up…I’ve booked a week at an Amish Campground in Indiana! The furniture stores and food stands are all over the place and I simply cannot wait to explore!! I had never heard that pictures are a “no / no” with the Amish. Oh Dear! Guess I will have to be much more careful with my camera!! Totally agree with you on the Finger Lakes Region….I do not have any desire to live anywhere else! The Thousand Island / Adirondack Regiions are also to die for!!

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