And, Speaking of my Flowers…..

I thought I would venture out this afternoon to have a little look at my gardens.  They are looking a bit neglected although I did some heavy duty “removing”  earlier this week!

When I plant flowers, I tend to kind of  ignore the “planting suggestions” and snuggle things in a bit too tightly! Oops! I planted some Columbines in the garden in front of the house, totally oblivious to the fact that they might be an honorable contender in the “wewillovercometheworld” category!  My goodness, those cute little bright pink and white flowers soon were located from one end of the garden clean across to the other!

The good news is that because the mums were planted there first, they grew even stronger, taller, and bushier to take their place over the columbines.  So,  I yanked out a bunch of columbines so the mums would have plenty of breathing space. 

The bad news is that whilst I was excited to see this two-way race,  I didn’t realize that the columbines had overwhelmed m poor little hydrangea and it is looking very forlorn and as though it needs some prayers!  I am so saddened by this, as last year,  I nurtured that little bush until it rewarded me with a big blue bloom!  This year, it is lying on the ground and looks like it just isn’t going to pull through.  Ugh.  I love that bush and cannot understand why it would die.  I have even been faithful to feed it with Miracid every two weeks as prescribed on the box.

Making our way to the other end of the porch, we see three Butterfly Bushes. These bushes have never done well for me.  I planted them probably some six or seven years ago, and they just grow into stringly, gangly bushes.  Well, take a gander at this……

butterfly bush on steroids.small

This one bush shot up to over six feet tall.  Well,  maybe five or six branches did.  The “flower” on one of the super tall branches is SIXTEEN inches long!  Yes, I had to bring my yardstick ut to measure it, as I was sure it was nearly eighteen inches long.  It is the strangest looking thing!  Well, at least the purple flowers are very attractive, although not fully “blossomed”.

Below, is a more “conservative” flower, which is “normal” for this bush, measuring about six inches long.

normal flower.small

My little rose bush was nearly hidden by those out-of-control columbines.  Within the past couple of days, (since my severe weeding!)  the bush has set so many more little buds!

the ever faithful miniature rose bush.small

Coming up onto the porch,  I just have to show my pride and joy! Well, not literally, but I was so happy that I was able to keep this geranium over last winter and we are enjoying its seemingly endless flowers!  The red is such a happy color!

geraniums from last year.small

Last, but not least is the flowering pot I bought at Sam’s Club last month.  These Reiger Begonias and ivy are just so stunning sitting on the glass-topped table!  When the setting sun shines on them, they look illuminated and are just so spectacular!

gorgeous reiger begonias and ivy.small

The two feathers in the center of the flowers did not cme with the flowers!  When Mark and I were driving our ATV’s through the woods last week, we came upon these two beautiful turkey feathers.  I just had to stop my machine and grab them. 

We have so many outdoor projects that need to be done and it seems like finding the time to do them is nearly impossible.   I would love to have a little area with a fountain and “reading area”,  but until we do our final grading, those plans are on hold.  I love gardens, but it just seems like mine are so minimal right now.

So many ideas… little time!