But it Looked *SO* Delicious!

 While we were visiting my parents on Sunday,  my mother opened up a big, juicy, nearly blood red watermelon to seve for dessert.  Normally,  I am not the least bit tempted to eat watermelon, as it and its cousin (cucumbers) both cause my stomach to revolt in the form of stomach cramps.  Terrible cramps!

I looked at the watermelon and felt confident that I really didn’t need to eat any.  However, after a yummy meal, I thought I would have just  a smidgeon.  I took a very small piece and reveled in its drippy, sugary goodness.  I don’t know when I tasted watermelon that sweet and good.  All was well..

As Mark stopped at a McDonald’s to rest his eyes after driving for an hour,  a very curious thing happened to me.  I burped…(yes, replusive) and it tasted just like cucumber.  I was awake the rest of he way home, and I kept tasting cucumber.  I had not eaten any cucumber at all that day and this was so insane!

Late Monday morning,  I walked down to the mailbox to grab the mail and I nearly doubled over in stomach cramps! UGH!  I spent the better part of the day lying in bed, as the cramping ceased when I was lying prone.

***Note to self:  NEVER!!!!! eat watermelon!***

I spent much of today feeling rather weak after not eating yesterday. I went to take some grape pulp we had stored to my friend, Cindy, and she had the most awesome ( I had NEVER seen one so LARGE!) cantelope she was cutting up.  When she asked if I would like some, I ate it and it was so good!!!  I CAN eat cantelope.  Cindy is so amazing, and she sent me home with one of the cantelopes she had! When I got home,  I ate a small chicken sandwich and I am finally beginning to feel better!

While visiting Cindy and her husband, Jon, they told me about a terrific video called The Star of Bethlehem. Jon went back into another room and grabbed a copy for me to take home.  As I sat and watched this,  I was in total awe!  You can visit the  website  for more information. I highly recommend this!

I do have (only) one photo to share today.  It is of our beautiful red cardinal male who visits the feeder early and late in the day.  Unfortunately, the Nikon camera was downstairs instead of next to me and so I snapped this with the Panasonic.  Not too bad a shot, but the long lens on the Nikon ould have been better! (do click twice on the photo to see him better!)

cardinal male.small

We have been getting terrific downpours of rain the past hour or so. There are all kinds of flood warnings issued in our area and when the heavens open, it is with a vengeance!  My father told me the other day that this is one of the coolest summers on record in over 60 years.  I feel badly for those who enjoy the sweltering heat, but for once,  I am truly enjoying the summer weather!!