A Short Trip Home!

When I talked to my parents a couple of weeks ago, they told me about how the springs had broken in their garage doors.  When I told Mark about it, he talked to my father and they planned a strategy to replace them. 

Michelle had a sleepover planned for Friday night, so Saturday wouldn’t work.  So, we got up early yesterday and drove to my little hometown in Southwestern New York.  My parents have a pretty home with such beautiful gardens!  Instead of taking photos of people yesterday, I  snapped away using flowers as my subjects!

This Hollyhock couldn’t be any prettier!


As far as Fuchsias go, I have never seen one like this!

gorgeous fuchsia plant.small

The flowers on the Fuchsia were about 1/2 the size of what I typically see and the flowers outnumbered the leaves on the plant! It was simply unbelieveable!

My father told me to look at the “little wren house” in the backyard.  He said on Saturday, there were some little birds that were “trying their wings” outside the house.  I didn’t get to see them….The house is so tiny, it is hard to imagine the wren building a nest there!

tiny wren house.small

I’m not certain what type of flowers these are….

amazing flowers.small

They are growing along with Black-Eyed Susans in the back and they are just delightful in their coloring!

The last photo is of the back of the house, with the pretty garden behind it!

backyard garden.small

I have always be in awe of the plantings my parents have around their home.  The lighting in this photo isn’t the greatest, as the sun was setting and I was shooting in that direction.

Mark, Ben, my brother Randy, and my father worked on replacing the hardware and springs on the doors and accomplished the task in good time.  The weather was fabulous, being maybe just a tad on the cool side, which made the work easy! 

We got back home early this morning.  (around 12:45) Mark took the trip home a little more slowly than the trip there, setting the cruise control to 60 miles per hour.  (The speed limit is 65)  On the way there, our mileage was about 18.6 MPG.  On the way home, the mileage crept to about 21 MPG.  Strange….in the day when everyone grumbles about gas costing more,  why don’t people slow down a little and conserve?