These Feet Were Made for Walking!

bee in wild rose.small

Ben has been getting interested in doing some running,  so this means *I* get to do some walking!  Yay!

I have quite a history of walking.  When I was in high school,  I often skipped taking the city bus (before the days of school buses ) and walked the two miles home.  I would walk with my parents after dinner and walk just about anywhere I could with anyone who would go along with me!

In my twenties,  we moved to the country, and I soon found a friend who also liked to walk.  So, three times a week, we would walk twelve miles, taking about three hours to do so.   We had so much fun walking along the country roads!

More recently, about five years ago (perhaps I shouldn’t admit this!)  I got mad at Mark one day while we were in Canandaigua.  I became so upset,  I slipped away from the truck and began walking home, steaming all the way!  The catch was,  as I walked along,  one of the straps on my Dr. Marten’s shoes broke, making it nearly impossible to walk.  Feeling so aggrevated,  I continued on, until a blister began to appear on my heel. 

Did I mention that there was a winter storm warning issued on this day?  Yes, the snow had begun to fall and more than one person stopped and wanted to know if they might give me a ride home?  As the blister began to become more painful,  humility finally forced me to eat humble pie and call Mark.

Mark and the kids were so relieved to see me, they all began saying sweet and kind things to me.  I discovered that I had traveled half the way home by foot….eight of the sixteen miles!  In the snow! With a broken shoe! (it had been beautiful when we went to church in the morning, so I didn’t wear boots!)

I’ve not lost my cool since then, but as Ben works on running around a track located just a short distance from our house,  I have been enjoying walking about two miles each day.  It has been so nice, as I really missed walking.  (we live on a very steep hill and walking on our road is tough on the knees… s also very rural)  Walking is so relaxing and it is so low-impact!  I have noticed some benefits, too, as I just feel better.

I took the above photo this morning after my walk.  There was a huge wild rose bush growing alongside a pine tree and the pink color of the flowers was so intense! The bumble bee was just a little added bonus! (taken with the little Panasonic)