While the Kids Were Occupied…

Yesterday was kind of a funny day as the kids had a dentist appointment at two.  I don’t like afternoon appointments, as I would rather go early in the day and be done with it!  The kids decided to make the most of their time in town and arranged to meet four of their friends after the appointment.  They went to the local Chinese restaurant for a bite to eat, then went hiking.

I went with the kids to their appointments and when the other kids showed up, Mark, the Scotties, and I decided to go for a little ride.  I enjoyed the grilled chicken dinner from Kentucky Fried Chicken so much on Sunday, I convinced Mark to drive to a KFC for our dinner.  Mark,  being value-minded,  decided to buy a dinner for all of us and the kids could finish up the rest of the food after we got home. (We knew they would be famished from hiking!)

After we finished eating,  Mark and I sat in the truck with the Scottie boys.  Suddenly, Angus did the funniest thing!

who is he looking at anyway.small

Sorry about the photo being out of focus, but you get the idea….the little *King* appeared to be admiring himself in the mirror!  I asked why he was being so vain and as soon as I asked, look at THIS……

vanity of vanities.small

Yes, that is our King Angus!

Mark and I enjoyed the quiet time just sitting with the windows open and watching people come and go.  Before we knew it,  it was time to go back and pick the kids up.

As we made our way down little country roads, we met up with one enormous truck with three escort vehicles! 

one large wind generator tower.small

Can you guess what the oversize load was the truck was carrying? 

It was a gigantic piece for the base of a wind generator.

At first, the truck seemed to be traveling quite slowly,  but as it made its way,  it picked up speed!

cabbage as far as the eye can see.small

We drove past what seemed like endless plantings of cabbage plants!

cool cloud cover.small

The sky was gorgeous!

out of focus fields of grain.small

And the out of focus fields of grain were so pretty with the waning sun on them.

Apparently the timing for the delivery of this huge tower was well thought out,  as there was little traffic on the road.  There were two escort vehicles in front of the truck and they must have signalled for the truck driver to move to the left or right to miss hitting trees overhanging the road….several times, we watched as the truck veered over into the left lane to avoid hitting branches.  Mark was enjoying watching the truck, as its eight rear wheels were independently steering!

As we came to a small town, we watched as the truck driver operated with geat finesse,  but gasped as we saw a couple of vehicles literally pushed off the road to miss the giant truck with its huge payload!

going through a small town.small

taking up most all of main street.small

We had fun watching the big truck,  but parted our separate ways at a route intersection. 

The kids were waiting for us when we got back, and as we had suspected, they were so hungry from their adventure!  

I love these little diversions!!!