From Drudgery to Beauty!

Believe it or not,  there are times when my kids make me mad!

When I walk downstairs in the morning and see all the “stuff” on the counters,  I feel used!

And when I see tons of recyclables sitting on the counter, my blood begins to boil!

Am “I” the only one capable of gathering up this stuff and taking it to the blue box in the garage?

You get the idea…..

So, this morning,  as I was trudging my way to the garage,  arms loaded with all matter of materials

*what* should I see?

swallowtail 1.small

I hate to admit it.

I literally threw all the “junk” down to the ground.

After all,  there was more important work to do!

I rushed up the stairs and grabbed the Nikon.

swallowtail 2.small

For there is little more beautiful than the beauty of a Swallowtail Butterfly!

Antique Eye Candy!

Perhaps my family is finally understanding my affinity…addiction?…for photographing the world around me.  On Sunday, as we drove along, we saw many antique cars parked in a very small park!  Mark pulled over and told me I really “ought” to get some photos!  So, as the kids and Mark sat patiently waiting in the truck,  I spent a good half hour taking well over 100 photos!

No words are needed….these gems really do speak for themselves!

car show 1.small

car show 2.small

car show 3.small

car show 4.small

car show 5.small

antique car show 6.small

antique car show 7.small

antique car show 8.small

antique car show 9.small

antique car show 10.small

antique car show 11.small

antique car show 12.small

antique car show 13.small

antique car show 14.small