What a Stressful Day!

The fact that I had a late morning appointment at the dentist’s office today was enough to stress me out, but it seems the entire day grew more and more stressful as it progressed!

I had arisen early, as always, and tended to the Scotties.  I then helped Mark outside so he could  watch me as I cut some firewood. (He doesn’t like the idea of me cutting alone in the woods.)  I worked for about an hour, then felt too out of shape and tired!  I got on my ATV and we went for a little ride in the woods before I had to get ready for he dentist appoinment.

I arrived at the dentist office at the designated time and waited a few minutes.  I was called and went in to see if the new crown was properly “colored” to match my teeth.  I watched the dentist frown as he held the crown against my teeth….once again, it was a no-go! I was happy I didn’t have to endure any pain or such and leaped from the chair as I was dismissed!

On my way home,  I stopped in Woodville and was delighted to see three different ducks with their little broods.  The ducklings ranged in size from tiny little tennis-balls of fluff to “teens”, catching up in size and coloration of their parents.

One of the ducks and her ducklings were perched on the dock, soaking up the sun’s warmth and enjoying the warm aluminum dock.  They were so cute, I just had to share these photos!

mama duck and ducklings enjoying the sunshine.small

ducklings soaking up the sun.small

When I got home, I had more stress waiting for me!  It wasn’t great important things that drove me to the edge today…just lots of little things that kept adding up!

As Annie stated,  “The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar”!!!!