Off We Go….

into the wild blue yonder!

Yesterday,  (Sunday) there was an airshow not too far away from our home.  The show was advertised as “The Greatest Show on Turf”.  It featured old warplanes that have been restored.

We arrived late as the show was scheduled to end at 4:00.  We discovered planes still flying at  4:30, so we parked in a nearby field to watch.  I caught some photos and here are a few random shots.

geneseo air show 1.small

geneseo air show 2.small

geneseo air show 3.small

geneseo air show 4.small

geneseo air show 5.small

geneseo air show 6.small

geneseo air show 7.small

I remember so many evenings when I was a little girl….my father loved watching planes, and we would often get our pajamas on and head to the local airport to watch planes coming and going.  I must admit,  I was less than thrilled by being there, but my father enjoyed this so much!  (My father’s eldest sister married a pilot and they moved all over the country….my Uncle Frank was a good pilot and even taught  Neal Armstrong how to fly!)

We did enjoy the tail end of the airshow….it is so awesome hearing these old planes rev their engines for takeoff and then mount up higher and higher into the sky!  At one point there was a pair of planes in the air, doing some “aero-ballet”!  I was unable to capture the heart they formed in the sky as we were driving to the airport at the time.

geneseo air show 8.small

Of course, one of the other awesome factors involved in the show was the superb cloud cover.  The clouds were so spectacular and often made the planes stand out even more against them.   Th funniest part of the event is that within minutes of the final performances,  dark clouds pressed in and the sky turned much less delightful!