A Couple More Photos

from our little excursion.

On Thursday evening,  after Sabres camp,  we began making our way back to the campground.  The kids were thinking about our visit last year, and wanted to know if we could stop by the park where Fort Niagara is located.  Mark said sure,  as it was right along our way. 

We pulled into the parking lot at the park and spotted a regatta of sailboats on the lake.  We hurried out of the truck so we could see better.  When we visited last year, neither Mark nor I  could remember seeing Toronto across the lake!

sailboat regatta with toronto in the distance.small

I’m not sure how far it is across the lake at this point,  but it was so cool to see Toronto in the distance.

We walked along the beach and just enjoyed the fresh air, then headed back.

As we were driving down the main street,  I laughed and told Mark,  “The British are coming!”  He pulled over so I could photograph one of the Redcoats…..

the british are coming.small

Quite a clever transformation for a fire hydrant, eh?