Around our “Home Away from Home”

I had some trouble uploading photos last night, so waited for Mark to take a look today.  It was, (of course!) operator error.  For some reason,  I goofed up.  Might have had to do with being tired!

I wanted to share a few photos from around the campground where we stayed.  This campground is fantastic and about the cleanest place we’ve ever been!  People were mowing and cleaning the grounds every day.  This is a state park and they have sites available for “dry camping” or tenting closer to the lake that are just beautiful!  The biggest testimony to just *how* great this park really is were the number of vehicles parked in the sites with Canadian license plates. 

Here is our little camper…..

camper set up at campsite.small

And as you can see,  our “yard” was nearly the size of a city house lot!

huge campsites.small

We enjoyed this trip and the kids did as well. 

One day, Michelle was playing with Murphy inside the tent.  As the sun intensified, Michelle came out of the tent and grabbed a bottled water.  She called over to me to have a look and I just had to catch this…little Murphy “sipping” water from the bottle!

murphy captivated in the tent.small

The kids and I wandered down to the beach early one afternoon.  They have fun finding smooth shards of glass along the beach, always on the lookout for highly valued (in their economy, anyway)  blue glass.  We had fun walking along the beach and looking around a bit.

lake later in the day.small

big driftwood washed ashore.small

carving in driftwood.small

 The above was carved into a big piece of driftwood along the beach. 

I really miss this place.  It was fun being there and seeing the Sabres camp.  I didn’t have much time to miss anything today, though, as the kids had ten young people over today!  It was another busy day…I made Beef Stroganoff, green beans with butter and garlic, and a salad for dinner.  We had a lot of fun but I am so tired!