Heading on Home Again

We arrived home again shortly after five this afternoon. 

I am so tired although I don’t know exactly why!  I slept well in the camper…there is something about all the fresh air that makes one sleep soooo well!  When we got home, the kids brought in all the laundry and food from the camper so I didn’t even have to do that!

I am having a wee issue with uploading photos here.  I had some queued and ready to upload, but there seems to be a bit of a problem with sizing. Argh!  Will take it up with Mark. He usually figures out my problems!

I am sorry for not visiting blogs while I was away.  We were in a “fringe” area and my blog took forever to get put together!  By the time I uploaded the photos and got them arranged,  the signal would fade and I would have to quit for awhile!  I am slowly making the rounds to get back “in the groove” once again!  Thanks to all who have been so faithful in reading here!!