Greetings once again from the shores of Lake Ontario!

Yesterday, we went to the Sabres development camp and did a little sightseeing afterwards.  There is so much to see and do in the Niagara Frontier area!  But the grandest part of arriving home was yet to be discovered.  As we looped around the circle to our site,  we could see that the sky was really putting on an impressive display! (no more words required for this set) 

last nights sunset 1.small

last nights sunset 2.small

last nights sunset 3.small

last nights sunset 4.small

last nights sunset 5.small

last nights sunset 6.small

The setting sun had caused quite an audience to accumulate along the banks leading down to the lake.  People had brought along blankets, chairs, and anything else that they might “plop” down upon. 

Early this morning,  I was drawn once again to the water….there is something so poetic about the splashing of the waves upon the shore.  It almost sets the rythmn for composing verse!  Instead of writing, however, I walked along the shoreline,  breathing deeply and just enjoying the fact that I was the sole “soul”  there.  It was fairly early, but I was somewhat surprised there was no one else exploring or discovering.

I nearly found myself captivated in a new world of my own….just me and the slowly moving water lapping up along the shore.  The water seems to have a personality all its own…yesterday, it appeared angry or tomented, as though lashing out at the shore, then drawing back only to thrust forward once again with even greater force.  It was a vast contrast to today’s calm and mellow attitude with the water barely visibly moving near the shore.

lake ontario this morning 3.small

tiny lakeside ladybug.small

huge stump washed ashore.small

Walking along the smooth lakeside pebbles,  it is difficult not to keep my mind from straying….oh, if those pebbles could speak, what kind of stories would they tell?  And the tiny sticks and even large sections of trees…have they traveled a great distance?  Possibly here from Canada, across the lake?  Did they arrive amidst a tumultuous, raging storm, or did they gently deposit themselves after a calm and peaceful  journey fom far away?

smooth sticks and stones.small

finally a decent robin photo.small

my five dollar sabres sweatshirt.small

Camping, bathed in the luxuries from home hardly seems like “roughing it”,  but oh what fun it is to be able to (still) be surrounded by the necessities as well as some “extras”.  I have resolved in my own mind that I could easily grow accustomed to this lifestyle of “hellos” and “good-byes”,  hearing tales of faraway places, and just enjoying the great outdoors!