Along the Shores of Lake Ontario


We have sneaked/snuck*  off for the Buffalo Sabres Development Camp!  Since most of my readers here probably aren’t geat fans of hockey,  (WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ALL OF YOU, ANYWAY?????)  I resigned myself to show only two photos of the camp…..

One is of my favorite small player with a HUGE hockey heart, Nathan Gerbe.  I LOVE this kid!!!!


And the fellows we got to watch yesterday…..

getting stategies and instruction.small

We shopped  a little while for a few necessities before heading to our now home-on-the-lake.  The evening skies were tremendous!

last nights skies.small

Unfortunately, I suffered a severe case of heartburn last evening and refused to eat any “fast food”.  I was tickled pink when we discovered a Wegman’s Store not too far from where we were shopping! Hurrah!  I bought some hotdogs and Mark said he would grill one for me when we arrived home. 

Well, the wind was blowing so tremendously, Mark thought my poor little hotdog (who are we kidding here, anyway?  I made him cook all four that were in the package as I ***knew*** that as soon as everyone smelled that delicious little Kosher Hebrew National dog, they would ***each*** want one, too!!!) would never get done.  They finally were all roasted and hot and tasty!  AND, the bad old heartburn left for good!

I awakened early this morning and took the Scottie boys out to do their thing.  Seems everyone here has a dog…from tiny little Shitzus to huge Labs and mutts!  I guess folks that like camping like their canine friends, just like we do! 

I walked down to the lake and was so drawn to it.  There was a bench there, so I sat in the chilling breezes, just taking in the views and enjoying the fresh air.  I now many people would be discouraged by this nearly autumn-like weather, but I love it!

awesome red rocks.small

along the shorline lake ontario this morning.small

* Upon looking whether to use the term “snuck” or “sneaked”, it was suggest “sneaked” for UK readers, while “snuck” for Americans.  Who said I am not very diplomatic, after all!