I Never Knew!

It is simply eye-opening what a little walking can do.  Today, I had the opportunity to do something I have never done before….that is,  I walked along the lake road a little in Woodville.  As I have passed the houses there so many, many times,  I never got the chance to really observe some cool things there!

One of the most incredible things was a house that had cactus plants growing the most awesome yellow flowers in a garden right along the road!  One would never, ever see these unless walking by on foot!

cactus growing in woodville.jpg

I did a Google search and discovered that there are indeed cacti that can survive even northeastern winters!

I did forget to mention that the quality of these photos is a bit lame, as they were taken with my camera on the cell phone.  I wanted to get better with that camera, but I do believe it is a huge challenge as, (as Mark puts it) it is like a “pinhole” camera!  No amount of adjustments will make for great photos!

Ah well, it *is* fun and you get the idea! 

Woodville was hopping today….there was every kind of boat you could imagine being launched there and we saw several kayaks and canoes. 

sailboat on canandaigua lake

One of the coolest things I happened to see, but not catch with the camera was a mother duck with a brood of several teeny-tiny ducklings.  They were resting on a private dock.  When I stopped to look at them, the mother immediately jumped down into the water.   I stood watching in near disbelief as those itty-bitty balls of fluff hopped down into the water and followed after their mother.   What fun it must be to live so close to such adorable “neighbors”!

Look! Up in the Sky!

YES! Today, the sun has returned! Although I really don’t mind our “rain pattern” of late, it has really left many feeling quite discouraged because of the cool weather. 

Carly, her husband, Jeff, and their kids came down yesterday to celebrate the 4th.  It was funny watching the kids as they hopped from pool to hot tub several times,  warming up to cool off! They had a lot of fun even though the weatherwas a tad chilly and windy. 

Mark and Carly had fun using their cameras, trying to capture a good shot of the twitty, elusive hummingbirds.  The feeder hangs very close to the table on the porch, so the birds kept swooping in and out for a sip of nectar.

This morning was pretty cool, but the sun made its way out and the sky is blue as can be!  The wind has died down and it is a nearly perfect summer day,  even though the weatherman says the temperature is several degrees below normal for this time of the year.  I will gladly take it!

Here are three Sunday morning photos that I took today. 

the woods this morning.small

daisy in the sunlight.small

the other geranium.small

The kids and I are going to go out in our kayaks at some point today.  The perfect ending to a holiday weekend!