Friday Frenzy!!

Today seems like a blur that whizzed past so quickly!  We were so busy!

We needed to get a new set of tires but Mark just finished doing research on available models and made up his mind. We were all up early this morning, scurrying about getting various little jobs done.  While Mark worked on the tailgate of the truck,  I finished de-winterizing the camper.

Afterwards, we were on our way to the tire store for the new treads!  Mark and the kids wanted a sandwich from Wendy’s, so we pulled into the parking lot.  As we were sitting there,  I heard a firetruck coming our way.  I pulled out the wee Panasonic camera and positioned it to fire!  As the firetruck came within my sights,  I pressed the shutter button.  Oops!


Yes, look at that deputy looking right at the camera!  You can barely see the firetruck going down the road behind the police car, but *it* was in focus! 

I really liked the pretty flowers planted at the drive-through at Wendy’s….

wendys drive through with flowers.small

We were off to the tire store after the brief stop for a bite to eat.  Even though it seemed like there were a lot of people there waiting for service,  our truck went in right away.  Within about forty-five minutes, we had the new tires mounted and ready to roll!  (Notice all the water on the truck….yes, we have had yet another day of rain!)

yay new tires.small

From Canandaigua, we drove on to Rochester to do some shopping.  As we drove on the highway, I made Mark speed it up a little so I could take a photo of the Rochester Amerks (Americans)  Hockey team truck! Very cool…I had never seen this before!

rochester amerks truck,small

After a very *full* Friday, we were headed back towards home.  The sky was very beautiful with baby pastel colors washing across it…with lots of clouds and the setting sun peeking through here and there.

moon and clouds.small

We just got home a short time ago to two very-happy-to-see-us Scotties!  I am so tired, I just want to flop into bed!

Tomorrow is a big day….America’s birthday!