Fun on the Deck…

A few days ago, Mark and Ben went shopping at WalMart and they picked up the cutest little battery-operated swimming turtle toy.  Don’t even ask…..Mark *did* indeed buy the little turtle to humor  his sidekick, Angus. 

angus contemplates all the toys in his pool.small

Angus is our little “Braveheart” who really doesn’t mind getting wet in the kiddie pool we bought him.  Murphy, on the other hand,  runs away and peeks out from beneath the curio cabinet at his “nutty brother” through the French doors!

grabbing out one toy at a time.small

It is nearly hysterical to watch Angus enjoying his “pool time”.  The kids throw toys into the water, and Angus, putting all caution aside,  jumps into the pool and begins saving the toys so they won’t drown!  As he plunges his head beneath the water, he blows out his nose, causing huge bubbles to arise to the water’s surface!  So funny, this wee one!

Mark and the kids were out on the deck with Angus this afternoon while I was fixing lunch.  Mark took these photos today with the Panasonic camera.  Below, you can see how Angus lunges with great gusto to catch a “cookie” thrown his way.

Such a good boy!

lunging for a cookie.small

Oh, and bottom line?  Well, just like any “other kid”,  Angus had more fun playing with the Dollar Tree plastic squeaky toys than the swimming turtle!