Day of Contrasts

This was one of those “do nothing in particular” days.  It was a dreary day with a few outbursts of rain in which it seemed the rain was falling by the bucket loads!  The sky would clear every now and then and even some streaks of sun made their way down through the overcast skies.  Certainly a “day of contrasts”.

Late this afternoon,  I decided to take a trip to the market down in Naples.  Some fresh fruits and veggies would be very welcome on a day like this.   I packed my little Panasonic camera to take along with me,  stopping in Woodville to see what was new in the ever-changing scenery.  As I pulled into a space in the parking lot,  I was thrilled to see a Mallard duck with her six youngsters.

mrs mallard and her youngsters.small

I got out of the truck to see if my little bucket of cracked corn was in the back,  but unfortunately,  someone had removed it.  The mother duck was interested at first, thinking I might feed her and her brood,  but she soon swam away, her family behind her…

mrs mallard and her youngsters 2.small

The air was so fresh.  We had some thunderstorms pass through this afternoon and it seemed the rain had powerwashed everything,  cleansing not only the dirt, but the air as well.  Even the grasses seemed to sparkle!

interesting grasses.samll

There are so manyvarieties of greenery growing lakeside, it would be quite a task identifying them all!  I loved the Wild Rose growing in the midst of cattails and shrubbery.

wild rose at lakes edge.small

As I walked around,  I saw a couple also taking photos. We chatted a bit….they were as appreciative of the surroundings as I!   Everything seemed so perfect….even the fellow perched atop a five gallon bucket,  fishing from the dock.

just another beautiful woodville afternoon.small

Time was ticking, and I needed to get down to the market.  I reluctantly left,  feeling sad at the idea!

I did my shopping and then began the trip back home.  I decided to take the high road and with the glorious lighting,  I had to stop briefly at the overlook!

at the overlook.small

late afternoon at overlook.small

I had not seen the plaque below before.  It must have been placed recently. 

memorial at overlook.small

And I had never noticed the abundant cheerful yellow lilies, either!

amazing lilies.small

This is looking directly east with Woodville below us.  (not seen)  The houses seen are the ones directly across from Woodville.  I love the big cloud shading the hill!

looking down towards the east.small

This is looking southeast…..

looking southeast.small

I scurried on home,  wishing I could linger and take more photos, but it was getting late.  Just shortly after arriving home, the sky opened up once again, dousing all in its way.  We have had a very wet summer thus far, but it has been very agreeable for me as the heat has been minimal!

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