More American Flags

Last Tuesday when I posted an entry showing American flags blowing about in the breeze,  I was asked if there was a particular reason the flags were being flown.  I’m not sure if it is the same in other countries, but here in the US of A,  it seems like there are always flags to be found nearly everywhere….

There is nothing quite like seeing the enormous flags found at Perkin’s Restaurants.

perkins american flag.small

Mark snapped the Perkin’s flag while we were in Rochester the other day. 

Later in he day, as the sun was setting, I took this photo at a plaza.  I was pleased with the pastel watercolors behind the red, white, and blue!

three flags at sunset.small

I Googled some flag info last week and was amazed at all the things we do which are not “proper” regarding the US flag. I had bought some (what I thought were very cool!) flag print paper plates and napkins.  I read that these should never be used as they are disrespectful!  Wow!  Ignorance is bliss….eh?