Finishing up at the Botanical Gardens

I have decided to finish up our little tour of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens today, so no one will be throwing rotten cyber-tomatoes at me!   I got a little carried away at this place, but it really was remarkable, albeit nearly oppressive with the heat factor!

I really enjoyed the Begonia House.  It was more like a “room”, but was gorgeous with all varieties of begonias. There were so many different types and even though many had no flowers on them, the leaves alone were outstanding!

begonia house.small

 Okay, so I guess this is a self-portrait! At the bottom of the mirror is a small plaque stating, “The most important part of a garden is the one who enjoys it”…….(very true, eh?)

begonia house 2.small

 And after the Begonia House came……

The Orchid House!  Amazing. Awesome. Fantastic!!!  Now I see why people go nuts over Orchids.

orchid 1.small

orchid 2.small

orchid 3.small

orchid 4.small

orchid 5.small

This last photo reminds me of Orchid “fish” swimming amongst the greens!

orchid 6.small

Next was the Victorian Ivy and Herb House….

victorian ivy and herb house.small

victorian ivy and herb house 2.small

complete with two different artists working….

victorian ivy and herb house 3.small

victorian ivy and herb house 4.small

From there was the Seasonal House and Rental Space,  then the Panama Cloud Forest and Epiphyte Pavilion, which was awesome with Orchids and Bromeliads growing there.

panama cloud forest and epiphyte pavilion.small

panama cloud forest and epiphyte pavilion 2.small

panama cloud forest and epiphyte pavilion 3.small

The very last display was the Florida Everglades.  By this time, the heat was nearly dizzifying,  so I didn’t stop to take any more photos, although there was a nice snake plant.  Ah well.

As I passed though the admittance area,  I commented on the heat and a woman said bottled water was available.  I declined after seeing a couple pay $3.00 for their small cups of coffee.  After all,  our truck was waiting in the parking lot with a cooler of sodas and waters!  Before I left, the woman did advise me to walk around the grounds a bit to see the roses and other gardens…..

rose garden.small

The roses were nice enough, but do you see that awesome building in the upper left corner?  Yeah, another adventure!

beautiful outdoor gardens.small

 I really enjoyed this place….it was very inviting inside, although I think I would rather see it in a colder season!  I do know it is decked out at Christmas…..perhaps I need to visit then!

backside of glass houses.small

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens!

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  1. Was that $3 a cup, or for the two of them? If the former, that would be fine …I don’t reckon on much change from a fiver for two espressos these days.

  2. I’ve enjoyed this mini-series a lot! Gorgeous orchid photos – I really like them, but killed the only one I owned scarily quickly, so am a bit reluctant to get another one, I think they’re quite particular about what conditions they like.

    Maybe I should take my art stuff to the Botanics one day, I haven’t done any drawing for ages.

  3. Chris, the $3 was for the two cups, but they seemed so small. Of course, I am not a coffee drinker, so….

    Jackie, I love seeing those Orchids, but I am sure they wouldn’t last at my house! The Christmas Cacti are the only plants I have, and they thrive, even when little attention is paid them!!! And yes, drawing at such a place would be fantastic!

    Frances, thank you! And now you are sounding like my kids! But wait! You ARE a teacher….you are always with kids!!!!!!

  4. If they were good espresso, it was worth it. Trust me. I’m a coffee fusspot. I went into a pecan stall on the road between Birmingham (Al.) and Mobile Bay and asked for two espressos, because we’d not managed to find any decent coffee for a week in b’ham and I’d seen a sign outside this place. The woman looked at me, astounded. “You mean … just the shots?” she intoned.

    It was good coffee, though!

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