Just the Ticket….


Yesterday, we went on yet another little explore of Buffalo.  This time, we wound up visiting the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.  My family had no interest in seeing the gardens,  so I entered on my own.  (Where did this family of mine come from, anyway?)

The glass house was designed by premiere designers, Lord and Burnham, in conjunction with the beautiful South Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead.  (American landscape architect famous for many parks throughout the northeast, including Central Park in New York City.) The Victorian glass house was opened in 1900. It consists of 11 greenhouses which are comprised of different collections of plants.

  First, here are some exterior shots of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens….




As you can see, this is a very impressive and gorgeous place!  The park surrounding the greenhouses is picture-perfect and it seems hard to imagine such an oasis inhabiting a large and busy city!  There is even a golf course located at the park.  The park isn’t technically located in the city of Buffalo,  proper, but rather in Lackawanna,  just south of Buffalo.

 I had an amazing day for photography! The sky could not have been any bluer and the sun was with us the entire day.  The one downside to this was the fact that the temperature  was terribly warm for me…about 87, Fahrenheit,  or close to 29 degrees, Celsius.  There were a few times I was sure I was going to melt!

We will begin our tour with the Palm Dome where the ceiling soars to 67 feet tall.  This is located in the very center entry of the beautiful gardens. No more jabbering….we will allow the photos to speak for themselves!









Breaking the silence here to alert anyone who craves chocolate, the above tree is a Chocolate Tree!!!


There were many other photo ops here, but these are the best photos I captured in the Palm Dome.

I have decided (for your own benefit) I will break this lovely visit into several posts so as not to reduce you, Dear Reader, to tears!  And so, tomorrow….the Fern House and Tropical Rainforest!