Furling Flags and Thoughts

 Yesterday morning,  I wandered down to the dentist’s office for my official crowning.  It didn’t happen.  Unfortunately for me,  I possess “very colorful” teeth.  I have striations of differing colors running through like little veins of color.  So, the crown was too dark and just not colored right.  Not to fear though, as my last crown involved three different trips to the lab where the thing was created!

As I began to drive homeward,  I noticed the American flags hung along Main Street in Naples.  It looks so “small town Americana”…I couldn’t resist a little *snap*.


Due to our large dowsings of rain lately, everything is so lush and green and growing!  Where we live seems almost like a “rain shadow” usually; that is, the rain falls to the west of us, but once it comes up the hills to our west, the clouds lose their moisture and we don’t get the rain.  Some years, that is so frustrating.  This year, however, we have been getting lots of rain and it feels so good!

When I came outside yesterday morning with the Scotties, I was greeted by the scent of freshly-watered soil.  It smelled so good!  I haven’t smelled that scent since I worked in a greenhouse several years ago.  And this morning, we had dew on the grass which is also something that we don’t see all that often.  I know these probably sound like inconsequential things to many, but having grown up in an area blessed with moisture in the form of rain and snow,  I do miss these things!

After my mis-fired dental appointment,  we needed to go pick up the newly-inspected camper.  The place we dropped it off at is located only about a mile or so from the mall.  The kids found out some  friends were meeting at the mall,  so we would drop them off to meet up as well.

Along our way,  Mark needed to stop at the hardware store to buy a new handle for a hatchet.  As I waited in the truck,  I watched as the wind whipped the flag in front of the store about….


The wind blew a lot yesterday, which was a good thing….the wind was acting like a huge blow-dryer to whisk away some of the excess moisture!

We had a couple more stops to make, then it was time for the kids to meet their friends.  I told Mark I could hitch the camper to the truck myself, but when the time came,  one of the men working there helped me.  Of couse, the man wanted to know where Ben was!

Mark and I enjoyed just relaxing in the truck for a couple hours while the kids were with their friends.  Before the kids came out of the mall,  I just had to snap a couple more flag photos.  The flags were just so awesome against the sapphire blue skies!



We are expecting more rain again later this week.  I know some folks are going to get so aggrevated by this, but for me…well….I rather enjoy making plans around the rain!  After all, what’s a little rain in life?

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