Signs of the Times….

Chris in Scotland got me to thinking about the fear of a pandemic outbreak of swine flu. Her mention of the bottles of sanitizing hand cleaner in church made me smile.  She also spoke of a rather “safe” form of communion taking place in the church.

While we were in Niagara Falls the other day, we stopped at  Sam’s Club.  I nearly turned around and decided NOT to enter the store when I saw the “Cover Your Cough” signs hung on the doors entering the store!  There were also bottles of hand cleaner strategically placed throughout the store….especially *noticeable* around the electronics area!

And speaking of hand cleaner…..When the first threat of swine flu hit the headlines,  many stores found themselves short on the anti-bacterial cleaner.  (I prefer soap and water myself, but find the “waterless” sort rather convenient when entering crowded stores and restaurants!)


I was so happy to find this quart-sized bottle of cleaner at Wegman’s.  No, I didn’t buy it specifically because of a pandemic threat.  We have been using this stuff for years! Think about a husband who has to roll across parking lots in a wheelchair.  Better yet, take a look at the floors of home supply stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Mark’s hands are so filthy when he comes out of these places,  I feel like cleaning my entire BODY with the stuff!

While we were at Sam’s,  I noticed they had an even *larger* bottle of hand cleaner! WOW!  I had never seen a two liter bottle before!


Now that we have two big bottles of hand cleaner, I leave one in the back of the truck for when we go out for a picnic. Makes it really nice not having to worry whether there is a restroom nearby to wash up!  There is one major downside to the whole essence of antibacterial hand cleaners, though…..seems they can never remove “sticky” stuff no matter how hard one tries!