Decisions and Rethinking!

Yes, I have been thinking!

I thought I was going to be completely satisfied with the Nikon D-90 I tentatively bought last month.  Gads, I loved that camera and the photos it took.  It was awesome.  However…..

Mark has done so much research regarding cameras and he always enjoys a good hunt for the lowest price.  The Nikon D-90 is a much newer model and a considerably better camera than my D-80.  The place where we purchased the camera allows customers 30 days to try out merchandise and if they aren’t satisfied, they may return the merchandise.  And so, I reluctantly (gasp!) packed the D-90 back into its original packaging and said “so long” to it.

The other day, I decided to give a Nikon D-40 a good try.  The Nikon D-40 is a more “entry-level”  D-SLR that costs about 1/2 the price of the D-90.   Of course, the one I bought was purchased at WalMart, so it might not have been the very “best” price. 

I opened the box and charged the battery right away.  Upon putting the camera together,  it was amazing how much smaller and lighter the D-40 is than the D-80.  It really is kind of “cute”. So, how did it perform? The following are some photos of my plant life gracing the front porch and back deck…






Mark always kind of laughed about me looking at Ken Rockwell’s site as he reviews both Canon and Nikon cameras. He is a photographer who has such marvelous photos on his site.  Well,  many of the photos of his kids were taken with none other than a Nikon D-40!  He loves this camera so much and claims it is actually “fun” because it is so lightweight and easy to use.  If you go to his website,  click on the link for Ryan Rockwell. (his little son)  There are some super fantastic pool photos taken with a D-40 just a couple of days ago and they are fabulous.

I still would love to have the Nikon D-90 because it is a real treat to use,  but for now,  I am thinking perhaps the low cost D-40 might serve me well.  With the economy looking a little off-kilter at the moment,  I would rather spend less on camera equipment.  The worst part about purchasing digital cameras is the moment after one lays down their hard-earned cash on the counter and steps out the door, the depreciation factor begins chopping away at the value of the equipment….I am thinking I might just patiently await the price of the D-90 to drop, even if it is months from now. I have no great urgency!

On another note, the woodpecker babies mentioned in my last post have become so vocal,  Michelle and I discussed the fact we are thankful the “host tree” is situated far beyond the house.  Those babies are LOUD!  The poor adult woodpecker(s) are seen flying back and forth constantly as the squawking brood literally screams out for “more”!  The noise seems only to subside during the night hours.

I heard on the radio today that we have received almost four inches of rain this June.  I am certainly not complaining, as we have had our well go belly-up in dry weather, requiring water to be delivered.  That makes me so upset, but Mark explains it is far cheaper than paying to have a drilled well put in.  For now, our skies began clearing early this evening and we are promised a few dry days with warmer temperatures.